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#AlexJonesShow Full: #Trump Takes Control of Covid-19 Task Force After Discovering WHO/Chicom Plot

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 402 Views
Published on 16 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

We discover the safest, rural locations in the US and as we reveal what’s going on at the White House -- 05

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 25 days ago

Teacher…, is there anyway to make THE MACHINE think as we Humans do be it the ROBOTS that build cars, and boats, and Jets too these [Android] #QANON /_\ People and Persons of the 3D CGI Fake Space Force of SPACE COMMAND where Trump, and Pence, and Xi of MADE IN CHINA to Putin of the Russians Faked Moon Landings could, and would use {THINKING CYBORGS} [{**}] to come kill, and decimate all of Humanity “as was done” in The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War COVER UP by all U.N. FLAGS in that Holocaust DIRECTED ENERGY WEATHER WEAPONS WAR of HAARP – DARPA – Ratheon, and NASA of Space Command from 1853 A.D. to 1854 A.D.?.?.? Well my youthful thinking person……..., that is a most impressive “collection of thoughts” to present to The Oracle for the END OF AN AGE…….., and this TIME LINE……., so I will give you the answer you do so seek…. It is well known the OTO of “Alabaster” / * \ Crowley PRACTICE Dark Demonic PizzaGATE Satanic Magic and Sorcery…..., and do you really think the MUD FLOODS of the Pre Mud Flood world was done without Vaccine HYPODERMIC Needle “injection” called the SPELL CRAFT of ENCHANTMENTS….., Charms…., and VOO DOO into the Slaughter Bots…, and DEATH DRONES [{*}] that will receive their instruction from all these 5G CELL TOWERS of the PENTAGRAM 5G “Stars Pentagon” on this Satanic U.S. FLAGS of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of CORPORATIONS., and their desire to continually do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against all INTERNATIONAL ICC LAWS??? Have we not watched Magicians on this PROJECT BLUE BEAM (TV MATRIX) +=+ where Chris Angel to David Copperfield too all their MINIONS whom can make DOLLS Move.?.?.?.?, and what are ROBOTS without Sorcery injected into them.?.?.?.?, just non thinking machines of PROGRAMS and “Algorithmic” Interfaces building CARS and BOATS and Air Planes too cruise along our FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere known as Our HOME WORLD of Purgatory, and yet, what “will happen” /-\ when PEOPLE whom do Dark Magic use their Skills of Manipulation in this THE GREAT WORK Simulation to give The Machine the Ability to have FREE WILL, and EMOTION, and REASON a part of “its body” that has no blood, no bones, and no flesh, but it will FEEL, and it will SEE, and it will HEAR!!! Do you think any of you would keep your SANITY if I Downloaded you into an Automaton [inanimate] Q - OBJECT like a GOLEM….., and then trapped your Soul…..., Your Symbiotic, your Solids, and your Spirits into a PREDATOR DRONE, so you would be able to KILL HUMANS with Impunity.?.?.? Look at the MUD FLOOD PAST where “all the people” are DEAD DEAD DEAD, and only but a few lived on after that 1,000 years of Peace in the BOOK OF REVELATION where [we now see} the DAYS OF NOAH are always these days in this ORABORUS CURSE {of De-Ja-Vu] where EACH Time you have De-Ja-Vu you have “lived longer” this time than the last Million Billion TIMES` you have played this HOLOGRAPHIC WORLD MACHINE as Celestial Beings trapped in these TEMPORARY Temporal Carnal Corporeal ESOTERIC “Mind Machines” called our very own thoughts……., and when all U.N. FLAGS have Atomic Weapons, and THEY LIVE {WANT TO} USE Them, and raise your children as little Androids of No Touch, No Hugs, No EMOTIONS, nor any FEELINGS, then we find our world dead dead dead by the Year 2094 C.E. as Foretold by The Oracle for the End of An Age and this TIME LINE Connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction speak Truth too all World Powers!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!


Just listen to these people whom live in the UNDERGROUND CITIES raised in SOCIAL ISOLATION all their lives……., and now they bring the (COVID19) Madness Top Side!!! Moreover, it could very well be that till all {BONES Batteries} are Destroyed the SORCERY Fueling the EDISON Machine in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA will “never release” our Celestial Sphere Mother Heaven, nor OUR Father Flat Earth!!!

The Sentinel…


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 25 days ago

The Value of your Words mean nothing if they are all lies…

It is said that the Quality of a FLAG is the embroidery, and tapestry woven into it, and that a fine sewn piece of cloth can seduce the Population, and People into Servitude no matter what the Elected say or do… I never considered what Magic, and Sorcery it must take too TRICK OR TREAT we the human populations, and people into doing WAR IS MURDER for something that can not comfort me once my arm is blown off, my leg is ripped from my being, or as I held my [best friend] #QANON /_\ dying in a Field of Blood for the GOOD OLD USA!!! As I see now that FREE MASON Lodges run the World, and that every flag is a UNITED NATIONS (COVID19) Occupation Flag from Germany to Japan to the Bombs dropped on my homeland, and these WORLD leaders of the world are filled with EVIL SPIRITS that “trick and treat” we the Civilian Citizens into murdering one another in their All The World is a Stage WAR GAMES…

For all the RELIGIONS of the World that say: Do not kill, killing is wrong, and it is against THE RULE OF LAW AND ORDER.?.?.?.?, now that the U.N. {U.S. FLAG} / * \ Peacekeeping Military has labeled all NONMASON as MS-13……., so they can come to our doors with Trump and PENCE Red Flag Laws to take us away to be Tortured in these ICE detention….., and FEMA Internment camps…..., there is no reason to lay down and die when we BROWN EYES outnumber the BLUE EYES 10,000 to 1….. Moreover, there are many BLUE EYES whom are not FREE MASON…., and since many BROWN EYES have also joined the “Ku Klux Klan” to put on the WORLD DOMINATION FACE MASK Plot..., I think WE THE PEOPLE can find ways too make sure no FREE MASON Remains by the year 2025 C.E.

In relation to this INTERNATIONALIST U.N. World Global Government.., we all know THE EARTH IS FLAT., and your Bill GATES OF HELL “Vaccines” are what has always made we BLACK HAIR ONLY PEOPLE Die In all lands where “U.N. Troops” of G4S Private Contracted Cucks and Slags walk our Streets with Weapons just as The Police of these 50 STATES walk among We The People with Guns and Armament to do the will of these BLUE EYED CORPORATIONS…….., and their 666 Book of Revelation this is now the NEW NORMAL might want to consider “not harassing” we U.S. Citizens regardless of Skin tone……..., Hair Color too EYE Colour cause WE THE PEOPLE know where you FREE MASON Lodges be, and we been “watching” you people come and go for decades as you conspired with JADE HELM 15, and PROJECT BLUE BEAM the TV used as A Weapon on WE THE PEOPLE…

Some will still say: The MASONS are not the Problem!!! It is these Black and White People!!! Yet, I see no White Man, and I see no Black Man… I see BLUE EYES get all “the goods” no matter what country you walk and pay TAXES to put WEAPONS on the POLICE to come kill, and beat, and rape we the people “of my nation” cause C.O.P.S. Serve the Military that serve the Religion that Embrace GOVERNMENT OVER DEMOCRACY, and this G.O.D. should be called “the real” MS-13 by we the people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition known as {The Society} of nonmason in our Rag Tag Rebellion… Theretofore, WAR IS STILL MURDER, and Murder is still against the RULE OF LAW AND ORDER, but since [you Q] come to kill me, then I must kill you first…..

Johnny Exodice


The U.S. FLAG is the CORPORATION known as MS-13 of their U.N. (COVID19) World Domination Plot to kill all we nonmason POPULATIONS with their BLUE EYES…


When you add up all the people in on this LIE of the “Cobe Burger” BAT SNAKE Corona Beer NORAD V.I.R.U.S. you do so see that many [Brown Eyes] Q Conspire with these Blue Eyed QANON Persons of the {U.N. FLAGS} [{**}] World Domination Plot known as Global Citizens of A Global Government on our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Reality…


The Sentinel…


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