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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 113 Views
Published on 14 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

We will break down the latest coup attempt against Trump & America, plus well-known comedian Sam Hyde, Ali Alexander & Jay Dyer all join the show!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, Is there no way to escape this place known as Purgatory our FLAT Two Sided Earth with its North Pole Star on our Side of the World, and our Doppelgangers with their South Pole Star on the Other side of the World [inside this] #QANON /_\ Celestial Sphere SIMULATION Holographic Virtual Realty World made by the God of Gods, and the King and Queen of Angels and Demons??? Are you starting to “settle in” that no matter what WE THE PEOPLE do, not even the FREE MASON have Free Will.?.?.? That our whole life has been a plethora of REPEATS and De-Ja-Vu in every Dream we has so sleeped in this Oraborus CURSE of them Free Mason Lodges???? It seems this STAGE of “Purgatory” is that part where WE THE PEOPLE go insane, and it no longer matters {What TRUTHS} we unravel……., we are “powerless” to make the UNITED NATIONS stop killing we the Human Populations of the world as These Evil Spirits in the minds of MACHINE PEOPLE Sacrifice we Spirits, and Symbiots, and SOLIDS too their G.O.D. the EDISON A.I. of Forced Slave Labor Technology…….., and even though I present my self as Christ Jesus RETURNED……., we are not in a REAL WORLD…..., we are in the world of the DAMMED….., The Cursed…., and The Forsaken..., and this place will do [all it can] Q’ to make us Hopeless.., Despondent., and Helpless LONG Before the END OF TIME in the year 2094 C.E. Once you comprehend the Magnitude of the lie where All Teachers, All Preachers……..., and All Governments PARTICIPATE in “telling stories” as truth when we do so know about THE MUD FLOODS and have put together many aspects of The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War “COVER UP” of 1853 A.D. to 1854 A.D., there is still not one man MALE or FEMALE with any courage – distinction – fortitude to SAY: The U.N. is in control of all NATIONS Paramilitaries and Police Forces as “U.N. Troops” wearing our Police, and our Military UNIFORM Costumes.?.?.? Are You fucking kidding me!!!! If you feel as I do that no matter what we say or do, the many “will continue” too DENY Flat Earth and even our “Celestial Sphere” when this Celestial Sphere is in all Ancient GREEK and ROMAN Teachings, but because [this place] Q is not the REAL PLACE these things all happened, then God “put us here” to Show us what happens to a people gone mad with Apathy, and indifference to one another, and only those with the Holy Spirit know how to “see through” all this madness, and lunacy, and insane WORLD POLICIES of Digital Money, Self Driving Cars, and WORLD WAR THREE as the [final chapter] Q+ to this sad tragic people known as THE HUMAN RACE whom did “Eugenics” to one another, and then made MONEY to say: I am more important “then you” cause I got pieces of Paper that come from the Trees that grow in the ground!!! Many have been killed, many have committed Suicide, but not one has or ever “will die” of the JADE HELM 15 DEPOPULATION “Agenda 21” of the United Nations known as (COVID19) for that was how our GOVERNMENTS and RELIGIONS in the real world murdered all “We The People” in that REAL WORLD “long destroyed” just as our Holographic Moon is but THE Reflection of Our DEAD Celestial World “where we” once all lived on… The Book of EXODICE!


This portion of PURGATORY is the Madness Stage, and it will come too pass, but not till many more Human Populations have been REDUCED {too nothing} +=+ by the year 2025 C.E. just as Deagel.com does so prove….

P.S. I guess the 5G is up and running cause my Satellite Internet ALWAYS Dies in Heavy to even Light Rain, and now in a Big Rain it works…, ummm.?.?.?.?.? Mostly` HEAVY RAIN still takes it out... Welcome to the DAYS OF Noah Returned at the End of an Age…


Born and bred to be the Living Dead...

The Sentinel…


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