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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 207 Views
Published on 28 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

The United Nations now predicts 130 million people will starve to death in the next year, fulfilling David Rockefeller & Bill Gates’ dream of human extermination

We examine how food shortages due to the coronavirus disruption will trigger mass starvations in the third world and other areas. Share this link!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Teacher…, is there anything we can do to take back our Home World Earth.?.?.? You would do well to learn how to leave your PRIMARY CELL PHONES at hotels when you travel, and then pull out your Back Up GPS Phone with a FAKE NAME on that GPS Device, and also to make sure your Gift Cards are paid for in CASH, and then use THE CARD to blend in with all the other Spies and U.N. Troops these GLOBAL CITIZENS of the #QANON Trump The Chump CORPORATE Grab for as we have seen this whole world has been redone since the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 and with so many Incubator Babies to be raised by these INCUBUS and SUCUBUS for the FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns, I would NEVER allow any FREE MASON C.O.P.S. or these Private Contracted G4S Internationalist to take “your children” without KILLING as many as you can of these Monsters and Mobsters in our POLICE` that you can and Shall do “my nonmason” aka HUMAN POPULATIONS!!!! This is their the W.H.O. UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of our STATES FLAGS being used to LOCK US DOWN, and they say: WE can LOCK IT DOWN any damn time we so choose cause you HUMANS do not revolt and Demmand YOUR Constitutional Rights of your State of TEXAS to your STATE OF GERMANY to your STATE OF JAPAN – Hong Kong – Somalia – Chili – PUT YOUR NATIONS FLAG HERE.?.?.?.? However, you do know now that History is as FAKE AS THE NEWS and our World Leaders and their PROJECT BLUE BEAM Military CORPORATE Take Over of all our CORPORATE Constitutions, and our Corporate Persons with these NATIONAL I.D., and in that you {must continue} too INVESTIGATE all the INTERNMENT CAMPS and REFUGEE CAMPS and RESERVATIONS known as [Out Door Prison Populations] form Australia to Canada from North – Central – South America cause WORLD WAR ZERO “has never ended” because THEY LIVE just made “new names” like The Korean WAR of the United Nations!!!! World War One and World War Two was the OLDER NAME for these “U.N. FLAGS” called The League of Nations……., and that They Are / * \ all “COMPLICIT” in Sedition, Treason, and Treachery as they hunt, and torture, and rape we “the nonmason” aka HUMAN POPULATIONS!!!! In that, when I give you information, you are to share it FACE to FACE just as The NEW Testament “Gospels” tell us to do, and when you help someone, do not let your Right Hand aka THOSE of these FREE MASON Lodges know what your “Left Hand” We The Society of nonmason are doing… This is an old fight, but now that we know the battle of the ESOTERIC Electromagnetic “WAR GAMES” are played out here in our TEMPORARY “Corporeal” CORPORATION Human Flesh and Blood and Bones, you decide what is best to protect your “Corporate Boarders” be it A County, A District, A Prefecture, A Province, A Region, or some (other label) [{**}] for I can tell you one thing, those whom do not fight, do not eat!!!!

The Book of EXODICE!!!


As you can see after World War One [{*}] as it is called……., we were all put into FEMA HOMELAND SECURITY CAMPS of “JADE HELM 15” way back then… You pay the Taxes, so These People our “so called” ELECTED OFFICIALS work at our Discretion and not the Other Way Around, and if any Citizen [Pulls a Weapon] on Another Citizen “be they” Civilian – Military – Governed.?.?,? YOU The Citizen “shall and will” shoot that other Citizen DEAD DEAD DEAD for BREAKING THEIR {OATH OF OFFICE} to uphold our Nations Boarders – Constitutions, and Personal CORPORATE Rights!!! For if there is no LAW and ORDER, then these “U.N. Troops” in our Police and Military UNIFORMS have NO “Protection” as GLOBAL CITIZENS……., and you are to remove them by any mean necessary!!!!

Q+ The Pen`

At 13:09 form the size of BONES MEN Graves we have learn “by way of” FLAT EARTH BRITISH THINK TANK……., you can be certain 99.97% if all these HUMANS [were killed] /_\ by the FREE MASON Trojan Horse known as Q...

The Society of nonmason~

At 3:46 in the above “Gruesome” DEATH CAMP, this is how “THEY LIVE” made FAKE SPACE Possible by only allowing “The Youngest” Humans too Live on, and Work as Child Labor till all Humans thought we lived on a Ball Spinning in Space GOING nowhere by the end of WW2 in 1945……., so just Watch TV and do as (COVID19) Tells you is their Trick or Treat were Incubus and Succubus SAY: We own you humans….., and you can “do nothing” to STOP we the Free Mason Lodge Members!!!!


For if you RAISE each human population under {different} +=+ LANGUAGES, then they can NEVER unite as One People with {One Spoken Word} too take back OUR HOME WORLD OF PURGATORY………


Finally, if you do not think MADE IN CHINA is not the Red Dragon of the Merchant Ships in the Book of REVELATION a memory of how many times we done TIME LOOPS in this De-Ja-Vu Oraborus Curse.?.?.?.? Then tell me that there will be no OLYMPICS in JAPAN on 2020 T.L.

The Commander~


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Lord HYBRID 4 months ago

thanks a million for bringing this content. im a subscriber and avid listener

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