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#AlexJonesShow FULL SHOW: Medical Tyranny - NIH Says Americans Must Carry Medical ID Cards To Leave!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 229 Views
Published on 10 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Friday's show is to discover how the medical system is being turn into a weaponized operation against all of humanity

Now it becomes clear that globalists and eugenicists are taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to usher in world population control over how you work, shop and travel

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

And The Commander Spoke…, no matter what COUNTRY you are in “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…….., do not Watch any [TV Shows] or any {Cell Phones} or any MEDIA on EASTER SUNDAY 04/12/2020 “be you” [{**}] in an Islamist Catholic TALMUD Zionist Jesuit Nation from the Hindu to the Zoroaster……., and all the rest` for “THEY LIVE” are going to BEAM Magic Spells [{*}] on the Populations “of these” United Nations International FLAGS of these INTERNATIONALIST / * \ Mafia hit Men……., and wombmen…..., and “too be certain” in all Western Christian NATIONS you will be given the Swiftest “Blow” from the BOOK OF REVELATION when S.A.T.A.N. the EDISON Machine of A.I. Forced Labor +=+ Technology takes hold of your mind and “thoughts” with an ENCHANTMENT called ENTERTAINMENT!!!! During the “Broad Cast” of EASTER EGGS hunters….., we the nonmason are to die for the MASONS death day…., people will be put into a “Zombie Mode” known as MK-ULTRA Hypnotic Trance…, and then The Satyr will Command and Control all YOUR “Imaginations” during the TALMUDIC PASSOVER that will last “24 hours” in our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH home world of Purgatory.., and in that` all you people whom DONATED your “Blood” for Money., so they could take the Hemoglobin and make PLASMA.?.?.?.?. These 5G RADIATION “Mechanization” TOWERS will drain your body of all needed PLASMA for you to live on, and as “you are” in a TRANCE watching the TV Screen of all the RELIGIONS “no matter” The Denomination from MORMON to Jehovah Witness, from the Joel Olsteen to “Clepto Dollar” Christian Anti-Chirst TV MINISTRIES for they do wish to ADMINISTER you into A “Helpless State” so the U.N. Troops in our Police, National Guards, and U.S. Military UNIFORMS can put you “all too death” while your mind and body “are under” the SPELL of this MUD FLOOD Cataclysm “STAGE” known as the CAST and The CRAFT of the “Crucifixion” PASS OVER!!! This is too all my people and “persons” and COMMANDERS of Pak-Toe that you do not use the TV SCREEN unless is be just {DVD or Downloaded} Netfilx COLONY Season 3 FINAL Episode where Christ Jesus said in them Gospels: I saw what looked like “Lightening” FALL FROM THE SKY, and we know in [Revelation 8] when our Mother Heaven Sheds her skin we will see what looks like MOUNTAINS “Falling” from the sky!!! This PROJECT BLUE BEAM {ATLAS COMET} is in the sky….., and NASA says it is breaking up.?.?.?.?.?.?, but we know these “5G Death Rays” are what is the COVID 19 Terminators called our TV MATRIX Dead Light Machines the “Black Mirror” Screens……., and once the populations “of the world” are reduced to 5% of what DEAGEL DOT COM >>> Countries says will remain “of your States” by 2025 T.L. from the State of Israel too The State of Germany too the STATES OF THE USA.?.?.?.? There will be NO ONE left to “RISE UP” and arrest all these FREE MASON Lodge Members of DEMOLAY – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls, and Eastern Star “SHRINERS” for High Treason…….., and Sedition……..., and TRAITORS TO WE ALL no matter the CONSTITUTION of our “National Flags” we were raised as “incubator” babies under….., and in that` If YOU watch TV this Easter Sunday..., You will be Changed “in ways” we can not bring you back from Demonic “Electromagnetic” MIND CONTROL….



You know the FREE MASON Run your Churches “be you” Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and all the other DOCTRINES that have “nothing to do” with John 13:34 – Mathew 28 - 1st Corinthians 13 ……. and YOU Mason “Worship the G.O.D.” of ROME aka L.U.C.I.F.E.R., so be aware and tell others “face to face” whether they travel……., or stay home to DO NOT WATCH “LIVE TV” ON SUN GOD DAY!!!!!!!!!


If you can not READ and “know” Big Words, then OTHERS will always think for you…..


Too all my nonmason and FREED MASONS, you better learn “the meaning” of ONTOLOGY!!!

P.S. It would “not hurt” to NOT Listen “too any” Live Radio on EASTER [Rebirth} Day as well……...

The Commander~



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