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#AlexJonesShow: FULL SHOW - Dem Governors to Hold States Hostage in #Coronavirus Lockdown!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 200 Views
Published on 25 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

This allows the Deep State to hold the people & the economy hostage, triggering a depression & civil unrest, driving Trump from office

Democratic governors are trying to crash the economy by shutting down businesses across America for months. They’re doing this to try and remove President Trump from office, as the economy cannot sustain a shut down of this long without going into a depression. Please share this link to get the word out about this diabolical plan!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

We the People of all lands have come to the conclusion that equal rights for all is the proper and decent way of life... In this, we make this WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION to build a foundation that will create a home for all people no matter their circumstance... To join OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION all you have to do is Print this Document, sign it, and keep it on your person...

1st Amendment) All people are born free, sovereign, and autonomous no matter their skin tone, religion, or sex...

2nd Amendment) All people have the right to present their thoughts to their communities, and the freedom of the press shall not be infringed or defiled...

3rd Amendment) All people and persons have the right to attend any Religions and believe in any idea they so choose, but no RELIGION shall be given the Power....., or Authority to dictate one another's affairs...

4th Amendment) All drugs are legal and to be made safe, and no one shall be arrested for using their bodies as they wish when it comes to substance, yet you do not have the right to impose drugs on another no matter your position in life...

5th Amendment) Sex for sale, Prostitution, and people of legal age shall have the right to pay for pleasure, but not abusive practices of Pornography, or any other cruelty that can be placed on a male or female...

6th Amendment) People and Persons of any nation, state, and country can make and sell what ever they like to one another; as long as, it is not detrimental to safety and freedom of the community...

7th Amendment) The People have the right to Protection against those whom would abuse their power as leaders, so you may own whatever weapons you deem necessary to protect one another, and the World Republic Government shall be the people and without the need for military representatives... We are not a DICTATORSHIP, so in times of need when Mafias or Fantasist attack, we shall banned together to dispel them...

8th Amendment) All people and persons have the right to live off the land and sea and build communities they so desire, and no Legal or Law shall ever be passed to take away our rights to live off the land and sea and in nature...

9th Amendment) Courts and Prisons shall not contain any person with out first PROOF of guilt......, and this is nonnegotiable for if we are to have Police Officers in our communities, they must PROVE a crime has been committed and not just speculate on the matter... Each person has A right to be heard, and until proven guilty in a court of law, that person shall be free to roam...

10th Amendment) By signing and holding this document on your person, you are protected by a coalition of nations - cities - provinces - counties, and many other measures against any and all whom would subjugate you rather then let you live free.... The Society of nonmason~

Sign Name________________________________________ Date_______________

Print Name_______________________________ Date______________


After Watching this video....., you should "go to your" +=+ WATER TREATMENT plants too STOP sludge and "bad bacteria" being put into our Tap Water…

If you allow these FREE MASON “Lodge Member” to pump DIRTY TAP WATER “into your” Local Communities, you will be Dead…..

PROTECT YOUR WATER SUPPLIES “my nonmason” Populations...

The Commander~


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