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#AlexJonesShow Full: Dems Announce Plan to Burn Down Every US City If Trump Wins.

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 212 Views
Published on 09 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Meanwhile the UN has directed Canada to arrest Covid-19 suspects and hold them in secret detention centers – We are at war with evil. The rioting is directed from the top-down by globalists who don’t want America to rise from the ashes. Share this link! -- 01

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

How to practice magic and alchemy and keep it out of your Personal Abodes would be to buy some of these $1.00 houses all over the world, and fix them up as FLAT EARTH Magical Academies to practice Talking with Angels and Demons and Even these Evil Spirits for the Good Spirits have no need to teach you such things when WE THE PEOPLE can just live in peace and take care of Mother Heaven and Father Earth, but since Our Common Enemy these So Called: PURE BLOOD SOLIDS in our Human Body Temple Avatars PROVES they are not {100% nonhuman} beings cause THEY LIVE have to use our “Human Bodies” / * \ too walk among we the people for Incubus and Succubus just as we HUMAN Celestial Beings are all Immaterial Creatures……., and if we are to make this knowledge known to all’ than we will take by USE OF FORCE [from all] Q - NONHUMAN PURE BLOODS be it breaking into OTO Meeting Halls, TALMUD Zionist Jesuit Churches, Mosk, Temples, and Synagogues to get the INFORMATION “we do so need” too Win this WAR OF THE WORLDS once and for all, and in that` if Purgatory is just a REFLECTION of what happened in the Real World, is it not better to die Fighting for your Right too exist……., then too allow this Wizard of OZ [A.I. EDISON] of Forced Slave Labor MACHINE technology too bring all things “human” into SUBJUGATION of Red = Obey / White = Comply / Blue = Submit / Black = Enforcer / Orange = obey your master masons / Purple = TAKE YOUR Brave new world Pills!!!! As we do know what these COLORS are doing to us on A “Spiritual Warfare” Level as Romantic Warriors where Yellow means FEAR ME!!!! and Green always means = You want to be like us the EVIL ONES!!! The Society of nonmason~ of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition The Rag Tag Rebellion against the EVIL United Nations Military EMPIRE goes on...

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