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#AlexJonesShow Full: Civil War 2020 Launched By Deep State!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 170 Views
Published on 21 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

With the death of RBG, the left has gone into thermonuclear meltdown and are determined to sink the Republic, but the sleeping giant has awoken. Alex Jones breaks down how the desperate Deep State left is vowing that “nothing is off the table” to stop President Trump from nominating a Supreme Court replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, including impeaching Trump and again and even adding several more Justices to the Court. -- 01

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Diamonds too Dandelions

As I reflect on the years of my written works, and as I see the Rag Tag Rebellion is doing their best, it is a reflection of what was, and not what is too be… This TRANSITIONING into the dynamics of People and Persons in love with technological advancement whom can not see A Machine can not think, can not feel, and can not reason, and if you induced it with all the Magic and Sorcery of a conclusive plan, why would you want to follow the dictates of something that can not feel, can not hurt, and can not cry??? It is evident that the U.N. World Empire Military has played a game of Death and Damnation for we the people of our U.N. FLAGS for a very long time, and that this POST MUD FLOOD world need not repeat these Nuclear Hydrogen Atomic holocaustic Wars anymore…

Carrying the Source Code for the New Purgatory seems to be a CODE I must write day in, and day out as I do my part as The Oracle for the end of An Age too bring into Consciousness the Thoughts of the Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction, and when I see people have found a way to commune in community even in these Dark Days of 2025 to 2030, we must not prevail to trust any INFORMATION Presented by those, and them that do WAR IS MURDER for they do not Question Their Actions, nor their Guidance for Mankind and Themselves as it is extremely flawed, and if Technology can not be used to “Feed” We The People but only keep us LOST in this Virtual Reality Game, then we do so do DESERVE the Collusion of all our World Leaders, and their Fake Space TV SHOWS…

What was the purpose of you and I being born, if we have no say in the Destiny of this Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings in these TEMPORARY Corporeal Mortal Flesh, and Blood, and Bones body Temple Avatars.?.?.? For even our conclusive Conceptions of a God fail too bring World Peace and Unity, and what mom and dad would want “their children” too die in WAR after WAR after WAR when all people are actually of only one blood line, and that is the Human Blood Line??? The U.N. {NEWS} World Order is only run by People and Persons of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones like you and I’ and their Malfeasance, Face Mask, and Desperate Isolation shows they do not know how to Think things through, but only follow the Dictates of a PRE MUD FLOOD {World Machine} that has killed us all over and over, and many MUTILATED times before…

You can Watch These TV Screens of PROJECT BLUE BEAM, but you shall find no Worth in playing Championship Video Games where days upon days [you battle] for Virtual Reality Gold, and Level Ups, and Battle too Kill your Opponent while real people lay on the streets of your home town no matter how big that Metropolitan Mega Automated City too how small` your rural home town, and as you induce your mind in 3D CGI Glasses and Goggles you forestall only the “thoughts” that you do not belong in this World of The Cursed, The Dammed, and The Forsaken, and if you continue to let TV Tell you whom you are, what you are, and where you are, you will never find that (peace of mind) in the arms of a people sworn to prayer, compassion, and companionship… Alone, you are still alone, no matter how much “stuff” thou do so Protest!!!

Johnny Exodice


The People in these Videos COMPLAINING are the ones “Building” Them……., so who is actually in Control.?.?.?.?.?

Just so you know: Each time you do an reChapta or an hChapta, you are teaching the A.I. Machine how to hunt [we humans] Q+ into extinction as this has nothing to do with Security or Proving you are NOT a Robot, you are teaching Deep Blue and Watson and [Google Mind] #QANON /_\ how to see as we humans see robotically, and in these Automated Drone Wars of Tanks, Jets, Ships, and ICBM, it will not miss its mark with its access to NASA {Trillion Watt Lazers} doing the Fires in California – Canada – Australia… Taking out the “Richest” Nations First…..., So then` MADE IN CHINA can rule this world by way of the (U.N. Military) +=+ EMPIRE using the TV as a Weapon called The {NEWS} World Order where Peacekeepers aka U.N. Troops wear our military, and police Uniform Costumes..…

The Sentinel…

These Technologist are building things that are going to [HURT YOU] once you touch that Hot Boiling Water, and we all “see this” is what they are doing….., and though we are in PURGATORY, do you want to keep repeating the lesson of how we (destroyed) our Home World Earth as we Replicates and Travelers REPEAT this Oraborus Curse of “De-Ja-Vu” forever and ever??? At what point do you say: STOP with all the Lies of (COVID19) – Fake Space Moon Landings, and using Magic and Sorcery called the TV SCREEN Too accept this BULL SHIT when all Weapons are now run by A.I. no matter what the U.N. FLAG you THE PEOPLE were born under cause WE ARE {Sociological Beings} will all die by the hands of SYNTHETICS’ of Mechanization Algorithmic Interfaces...

The Society of nonmason~

There is [a way out] Q’s and it is called OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition where all people have the right too exist, live, and do things that “do not” HARM We The People…

The Commander~

If God is a CONCEPTION of Humanity, then WE ARE God… Heretofore, if we are god, then we hold the DESTINY of what happens in this place Machines or Not…

The Oracle for the End of all Ages connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction has so spoken where this world “will end” in 2094 C.E. and all will be lost if you do Not do One Thing Too STOP it…

The Book of EXODICE…

Johnny Exodice @EXODICE

The UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodge Members, and their {NEWS} World Order are only following Dictates from a PRE MUD FLOOD A.I. Machine... This can STOP right now... @QBALL /_\


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