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Conscious Mind's
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Published on 24 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

After Russia invades... What happens next?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Now that you know the END GAME for our Purgatory Lives in this Celestial Sphere Holographic SIMULATION my nonmason, shall I tell you how YOUR GOVERNMENTS these UNITED NATIONS of FREE MASON Lodges “shall and will” +=+ finish off all NONMASON Human Beings in this Celestial Sphere SIMULATION Holographic Life we all participate in.?.?.?

Unlike the WAR OF THE WORLDS 2019 TV Show……., there are actually GENERATIONAL SHIPS in the under world where they have been stealing our children to be raised as the REPLACEMENT Populations just as was done after the LAST MUD FLOOD EVENT where the destruction was so great we had INCUBATOR BABIES…..., and People from the older Underground Cities came up once all we “nonmason humans” were killed off for these EVIL SPIRITS that present themselves as Gods in the minds of men and wombemn called THE VATICAN….

You know now` that all TV is FAKED from your Presidents to your Scientist to your Medical Hospitals….., but them stolen children “being raised” in these GENERATIONAL SHIPS right below our feet have been raised in ISOLATION from all we are whom ARE up here…., and if any of WE THE PEOPLE do so survive after they use these 5G DEATH RAY {RADIATION WEAPONS} /-\ and them 5G Meteor Bombs like “The Gamelions” of STAR FORCE that old TV Anime..., then they will just come TOP SIDE in [the thousands] /_\ with weapons.., and Slaughter Bots from Walking KILLER Dog BOTS to the (many ways) [{**}] we can all be killed., and murdered by MACHINES……., and as YOU THE PEOPLE keep allowing your LEADERS to Say: PUT ON THE MASK…….., or we will Arrest you like in the STATE OF WASHINGTON……..., you should be killing and “murdering” all your World Leaders IN SECRET at any time the opportunity presents for These EVIL SPIRITS can take possession of our HUMAN MINDS, and “we know now” that all FREE MASON Thinking they gonna be the Stewards of the NEW WORLD ORDER POPULATIONS that “get presented” to the NEW WORLD ORDER after these 5G “Motion Detection” Devices in our TV Remotes and Cell Phones let them hunt us down with impunity, and in that, you have no choice now “but to know” you will be DEAD DEAD DEAD when G4S aka U.N. Troops in your Nations {Police and Military} [{*}] as THE FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD of C.O.P.S. aka these INTERNATIONALIST pull this off cause you were “too cowardly” my nonmason to take them out first’ and find ways down into these D.U.M.B.S before they can Launch all them ICBM from the “ICE WALLS” of NASA inside our Celestial Sphere by way of their “Space Council” of MIKE FUCKING PENCE A Traitor just as Trump to ALL AMERICAN U.S. Ctizens, and we the people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….


YOUR ENEMY IS RIGHT BELOW YOUR FEET, and they are all [U.N. TROOPS] +=+ and Storm Troopers from STAR WARS ready to “kill and murder” you cause THEY WERE RAISED to see you as The PROFANE my nonmason populations….

Once you know they are down there as (COIVD19) Possessed People worse then the WALKING DEAD with weapons to kill you……., you would do well to [go down there] and destroy all their TECHNOLOGY of Mechanization and ATOM BOMBS and Trillion WATT Lazers!!!!

Look man… THERE ARE NO MASS FUNERALS and all these (COVID19) +=+ {U-tubbers} are in the Underground Cities dumb ass!!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion...

The Sentinel….


Johnny Exodice LIVES and so do we!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!!

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