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A Virus So Deadly, The Government Has to Test You to See If You Have It

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Published on 15 Sep 2020 / In People and Blogs

A Virus So Deadly, The Government Has to Test You to See If You Have It

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Yellow Vests in France: https://youtu.be/SfofuWZUVdM

France: Tear gas billows on Paris streets as Yellow Vests protest https://youtu.be/HiVxk3_r88o

Germany: COVID-sceptics rally in name of 'love and peace': https://youtu.be/1QjlxIEA5BY

Thousands march in anti-mask rally in Montreal: https://youtu.be/rxwTrYP7zBk

Vancouver Freedom Rally 2020 Live with Press For Truth Part 2!: https://youtu.be/DPLHpn08LJQ

Australia Runs Out of Rice as Police Invade Farmers Markets: https://youtu.be/GKM_ABZrplE

Video shows Victoria police car knock man to ground before officer appears to stomp on his head: https://www.theguardian.com/au....stralia-news/2020/se

Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID - 19): WHO Update (21 August 2020): https://youtu.be/E5DrVKCmIFU?t=435

Guaranteed basic income emerges as top policy priority for Liberal MPs amid COVID-19 https://globalnews.ca/news/733....0929/liberal-caucus-

Why Fed Officials Are Pushing for More Stimulus From Lawmakers https://www.wsj.com/articles/w....hy-fed-officials-are

Germany Stops Harvest, "Temporarily Bans Agriculture" as African Swine Fever Reaches Europe - Ice Age Farmer: https://youtu.be/9HZPyCN6PLQ

Arson or Climate Change? A Deep Dive on The WEST COAST WILDFIRES with Press For Truth!!!: https://youtu.be/Fcyg1yaLRvc

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