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A Precursor To The Mark Of The Beast

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Published on 03 Dec 2019 / In Non-profits and Activism

Recent events in Wisconsin have shown apologist Justin Derby that the 2007 NBC news video predicting that by 2017 people would start getting chipped with Biometric microchips has come true, and in this video, Justin explains how this is connected to the coming Mark of the Beast. This is an edited version of a video that was uploaded to YouTube on August 19, 2017.

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no0negun 3 months ago

Tattoo ink that is invisible to the naked eye that can also be picked up by UV scanners is an idea that been proposed as part of a social credit score ID method.
Once that’s been accepted it won’t be long before people need to upgrade their bar code tattoo to visible ink to show your allegiance to being a good citizen of the state.
I learned twenty years ago that running through each bar code generated by the UPC system, starting on the absolute left side of the bar code, then in the exact middle and lastly on the absolute right side of most bar codes, they have identical lines with a value of six. Furthermore, each line left, middle and right represents 666.
I’ve never looked at bar codes the same way since.
Please fact check on your own if you’re reading this and you’ll see what I’m referring to.
The mark of the beast looks like it will be pitched as a pragmatic convenience then leveraged multiple times into a mechanism of control and submission by those in the power structure seeking to implement their will upon you and eliminating your freedom.
Thank you Justin and UGETube for your slogan that equals the reality of “Broadcast Freedom”.

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