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A look at the Star Model B 9mm C&R pistol

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Published on 26 Dec 2019 / In Firearms

This is a look at the C&R eligible, Star model B 9mm pistol. This particular one was ordered from J&G Sales, it shipped with two magazines. Based on the date code it is a 1945 pistol.
As I understand it, the Russians captured a bunch of these pistols and rearsenaled them. During the process they were stripped down and the parts were intermixed. After rebluing, they were reassembled from a pile of cleaned inspected parts. Consequently, the original piece to piece fit was compromised on many of these.

This particular pistol does not seem to have been through the Russian process, making it a mixed bag. It likely has all its original parts and the barrel is fantastic. However, the finish suffered from a lack of treatment and long term storage preparation.

Initially I thought the grips were some kind of black phenolic based on the appearance, however, after dis-assembly it turns out they are wood and probably walnut. They seem to have been stained black.
A good source for information here: http://star-firearms.com/index.html
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