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A few words from Tanya and I on Australia in 2018.

Pagan Firearms
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Published on 11 Nov 2018 / In News and Politics

If this is Australia in 2018, what will it be like in the years to come?

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no0negun 6 months ago

Thanks for the warning. The recent London Bridge attack led me to this vid.
If we are all not vigilant, we will all be reduced to using narwhal tusks to stop terrorists like the hero in Londonnlast week.
I wish you good fortune in your struggles in Australia and the UK.
Thanks for the alerting us of what is to come if we do t maintain the values and principles that have allowed Americans to live free.

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Matt3039 2 years ago

Damn Straight it is. Time for change. This is how a country changes with one thought changed at a time then all of a sudden we are powerless.

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