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Published on 21 Nov 2019 / In Film and Animation

Would you buy your child a book that tells them about actual demons from religion, lore and demonology; and then instructs them how to summon these demons to do their bidding? Does such a book exist? Actually, it does, and we'll talk about it in this episode of the spirit side..

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 23 days ago

WE live in A State of utter Illusions...

 Far be it for me to Question Reality......, but when you actually {take the time} to do so......, you see that something [does not add up] +=+ when Plants and Seeds are A plenty....., but we are {not allowed} / * \ to GROW OUR OWN FOOD and feed one another??? What kind of PERSON would make a LAW that [you can not grow] your own food...., and trade with one another through Gold and Silver and {Copper Leaf} [{**}] Printed off our 3D Printers cause as far as I can tell and see..., Gold and Silver are Considered [an assets] on this Delusional Stock Market of UP and DOWN {day after day} like watching your COMPUTER Defrag on a Windows Operating System using the Glary Utilities..., and then you turn on The [TV MATRIX] on CNBC at the Opening Bell and you got the same {Same DEFRAG Program} [{*}] running by all these FAKE PEOPLE whom talk and talk.., but when you actually LISTEN., they [haven't said anything] that means a dang thing, and they do this ALL DAY Long {no matter} the FAKE FREE MASON NEWS Shows you watch!!!

 Now I have study [The Book of EXODICE] and all that the Commander Shares...., and though I might stay in a Poor Area, I sometimes hit up {one of these} Holiday Inn Express with that CERTAIN [Shade of Blue] playing on their night lights, and when I just sit in my room {with nothing} turned on from 7AM To 6PM..., I do not [hear anyone] come and go, and them CARS CARS CARS!!! They {be parked} in the Shopping Malls, Hospitals, and places like this [Holiday Inn Hotel] in Las Vegas NEVADA, USA...., yet I never see people walk anywhere {when I walk] from here to there???, and I used {too never pay it} no mind cause I HAD NO MIND to think for myself!!! However, now I do think, and I do look, and I do SWAP out [the DEAD Lights] in my Motel Rooms with them Old School {Filament Bulbs} of Yellow life giving Sun Light...., as even our Sun is not YELLOW life giving Light anymore, and dem dare Trees {I do DELCARE this year} in 2019 T.L. did not Turn any [Pretty Colours] of Yellows, or Oranges, or Reds, they all just DEAD - DEAD - DEAD!!!

 What thee hell is really going on??? Where are all the people, I mean I do see [Them Cars] Driving all the Time...., but when I fly into the Airports of Dallas TEXAS USA to Miami City FLORIDA USA, I am the only walker, and the more I walk, I see {dar ain't no one} on them METRO Trains, or Buses, but the cars??? Always [them people] and persons in the cars driving...., but no one be A walken??? So, I think the FREE MASON {are all Slaves} be they 33rd Degree ENFORCER Abusers to them [Town Folk] whom work in these EMPTY God Dammed Brand Spankin NEW Corporate Stores...., and yeah, fucking shit is all MADE IN CHINA no matter {where I go} from New Zealand to Australia, and I do know about them Mud Floods and the [World Machine] The EDISON In Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA!!!

 That spoken to you??????? The reader...., I was hopin you would go {walk about town} where you live, and even go to them DEATH CAMPS these WALMARTS and Krogers and Targets...., and others [be they} for Rich Folks to Poor Plebs and Plebes like ah me... You gonna see we been watching TV Shows {so long] we did not hear the Guns of JADE HELM 15 firefights, but them people ain't home... All is Automation from {Mega Metropolises} to Small Town Carrolton GEORGIA USA...., and just empty bars, empty cars, and heck even [West Georgia] Collage Campus ain't got no fools, or Red Necks!!! So..., me be {ah thinking} these people whom got the jobs in these empty FAST FOOD Stores to all the RETAIL to all [democratic republican] FREE MASON Lodges have always known {ain't no one alive} no more...., and we whom live on??? You'm might want to turn off the TV [and ask others] where you live what {The HELL} is going on!!!

 Johnny Exodice

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