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96: I Love(d) Drugs! w. Jed Payne (Church and Other Drugs)

The System is Down
Published on 05 Feb 2019 / In Film and Animation

The question of the day is.... Where is the line between medication and addiction? How far will you go to feel good?

Today's episode is my conversation with Jed Payne of the podcast, Church and Other Drugs, which focuses primarily on open conversations about faith and addictions.

Before this conversation, I was familiar with Jed and what he does, I had been on his show as a guest, I knew that he, of course had a long past of drugs and addiction, but until this conversation and digging into his story, I had no idea just how crazy his past really was, nor how miraculous it is that he's still alive today.

Just close your eyes and imagine all the things you've seen in movies about drug addicts... Yep, that was Jed.

Today, Jed is an awesome guy who I have a lot in common with (aside from a drug riddled past) and it was an honor to help share his unfiltered story of rock bottom to redemption. The christian community seriously needs more raw transparent Jed Paynes in it.

How does one go from coked-out bottomed-out hopeless junkie to clean and sober christian rehabilitator / podcaster?.... Find out now on The System is Down episode 96: I Love(d) Drugs! w. Jed Payne of Church and Other Drugs!

Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.

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