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8-31-20 @apfns plays Fallout 76 livestream xboxone_[lori]

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Published on 31 Aug 2020 / In Gaming

finally caught up 8/31 Fallout76

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 28 days ago

Teacher…, Is there nothing We The People can do too STOP this World of PURGATORY from ending in 2094 C.E. to send the Sinners to their Doom, and we the Repentant to our Chosen Fates.?.?.? ohhh, you FREE MASON [U.N. Troops] #QANON /_\ in all Nations Military, and Police as G4S Types whom talked “so boldly” about DOING War Is Murder when Murder is against The Love and Concern of OUR God, and now you think that Our God would STOP and allow A Temporary Place to exist forever??? Let be as plain as a [Snow Flake] Q’s on a Hot Summer day, You’m whom make WE THE PEOPLE Wear this FACE MASK of The U.N. Vatican Military EMPIRE have been here so long as The Watchers…….., that you have “forgotten” that This Celestial Sphere we are all born into is but A REFLECTION of what happened in the Real Celestial Sphere where CERN and RHIC in New York City of the UNITED NATIONS Space Odyssey 2001 HAL {A.I. Computer} [{*}] killed the whole wide REALITY in an attempt too Kill……... and Replace our God!!! Think about this you EVIL SPIRITS in your FREE MASON Lodge Members where you say: We will break out of this Prison Planet of ALEX JONES and free our Brothers and Sisters in the Orbs……, and Luminaries we call STARS in the Dome of The Rock!!! That is what [You People] Q+ did in the Real World….., as you mixed YOUR nonhuman BLOOD with our Human Blood……., and turned our Skin Darker…., OUR Hair A PERMANENT BLACK..., and made our Blue Eyes Brown.., and even though many Retain OUR HUMANITY no matter how Dark Skin., or how Light Skin, You People are the FALLEN ANGELS “to be judged” [{**}] by The God of Gods, The King of Kings, and The Lord of Lords, and it matters not to {WE ARE} +=+ what you [THEY LIVE] do till the END OF TIME in the year 2094 C.E. be you building a TIME MACHINE that blows up the whole fucking world cause we “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition ain’t going to HELL for 1,000 years of Torment` just as your Fellow BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD Q’ are all trapped in them “Twinkling Stars” of Damnation / * \ forever and ever, for OUR God has opened our eyes to SEE and HEAR and Know YOU PEOPLE are the Dammed, and the Cursed, and The Forsaken, and I will not Pray for you even though Christ Jesus himself chose to be born “into my body” of flesh, and blood, and bones cause THE SPIRITS have shown what YOU PEOPLE did in the Real world, so why not watch it play out here [one last time] Q` as the Book of Enoch says: You are LOCKED IN too your Host, and I am locked into My Host, but We The Society of nonmason shall make you pay for every MURDER, Starvation, Reservation REFUGEE, and Cruel Acts done to WE THE PEOPLE whom are “Human” in the Spirit World cause we got nothing too Win or Lose when we Die, and the only thing I am taking with me when I die is {The Right] /-\ to Go Home cause I did not do what you have [so chosen} and done, and You’m Know what you’m have done with your “TV Shows” and Faked Moon Landings, and all your WAR WAR WAR, so you will now die in these WARS as FREE MASON cause we nonmason are Abandoning Ship of all “U.N. FLAGS” and WE ARE gonna hit the road till this whole wide place GOES BOOM BOOM BOOM, and yeah, QANONS “be Dammed” with the rest of your Ilk, and Filth, and Profane nonhuman ways… The Book of EXODICE!!!


There is much too learn from the Book of Enoch, and now is the time to STORE UP 7 years of Grains as Beirut Lebanon “Tried” but these FREE MASON (Jesuit Zionist) of Covid19 Nuked them with a U.N. [MADE IN CHINA] ICBM Nuclear Hydrogen Weapon, so at the End of The Day, Trust in Our God, and Not Theirs…

The Society of nonmason~


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