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7 Trumpets and Bowls of God's Wrath

Dawn Road
Dawn Road - 102 Views
Published on 24 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

We need to understand what is going to happen and act according to God's will while we are still alive!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, what is with all these CARS and CARS and CARS and Trucks and Trucks and Trucks and Vans, and 18 Wheeler’s Driving – Driving – Driving ON BOTH Sides of the HIGH WAYS day and night.?.?.?, and yet when we go into our Cities` be they Small or Larger, and THERE are “no people” in the Bars or Restaurants cause most places from Movie Theaters to Theme Parks to Hotels and Motels remain Closed down for the U.N. Military Empire (COVID19) {NEWS} World Order’ where everything and everyone ON Them TV Screens are “Free Mason” Lodge Member liars and nonhumans!!! Take in a deep breath “my friend” and LEARN what happens when Humans, and even nonhumans have spent all their lives being RAISED by these [TV Screen] Q’s in our Homes, Rooms, and now the PROJECT BLUE BEAM the TV Used as “A Weapon” are in our Cars as we drive from here to there… These PEOPLE and most are ALONE in their Cars, and Vehicles cause they just got to GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE, or Apartment, but none of us are returning to work, so like that WALKING DEAD TV Show where the “Zombies” would HEARD in Groups, this is the same phenomena, but sadly they just HEARD in their CARS night and day…….., but they do not come into our Cities, and hang out at our “Local Bars” be that ATLANTA GA to NEW YORK NY to Las Vegas NV, and all the other places “Automobiles” do so exist down here in Purgatory on OUR SIDE of FLAT EARTH… I do Drive, but only to go Shopping………, or hang out at a Bar, or Club Food Place to be around humans, and we are “allowed” to TAKE OFF OUR MASK in these places and eat, and drink, and see our Teeth, and Emotions, and Smiles or frowns……., but WE ARE communing as a CONGREGATION of Humans in “close enough” Proximity under these U.N. TROOPS 666 World Domination LAW and ORDER for we humans “by the” NONHUMANS whom control all the TV Screens, and if you find you are Driving just too Drive…., and be around people..., take a Paper Map.., LEAVE Them SMART PHONES at home, and find a Cheap Hotel., or more expensive if you gots the Digital Phone Money, and Check in to a Local Spot with your LAP TOP, and make that Local Spot your Regular ONCE A WEEK: I am going to this Bar, This Strip Club, this “Meal Place” and Let the people see you become a REGULAR “Member” of that bar, or club, or food establishment, and you will see it is much better then DRIVING [Alone] Q+ cause you gotta get out of your House Arrest by all these TV Political “Religious” Military EMPIRE Goons, and Cucks, and Slags, and Pukes… As my experience has shown’ our Human Police do not bother we the people, even if we choose not to wear the mask, as long as, we do not “bother” them that do feel they HAVE to wear the SLAVE MASK of the U.N. FLAGS Corporations in this CORPORATE WAR… That said, yes you will see Thousands upon Thousands of Cars and Vehicles DRIVING, but going no where, so do not be like these ALONE LONELY PEOPLE, you “my people” of Pak-Toe shall find locations too return to, and drink, and smoke, and enjoy Human Laughter, not TV SHOWS and Stadiums with “Fake Sounds” of Crowds cause the one thing I do know about This Machine the EDISON of FORCED SLAVE Labor A.I. Holographic Technological Mechanization???? IT uses these TV SCREENS too feed off of our EMOTIONS and FEELINGS, so take “breaks” from the U-Tube, and Read A book, Learn A Skill, and prepare for the days when it will “pay off” that People do know YOUR FACE at that bar, or club, and they can help you when “you think” life is not worth living… The Book of EXODICE…


I do not spend my days: judging People for they know who they are, and what is going on, and where ever the TV PEOPLE are` be they Government – Religions – Military Commanders, they do not walk among we the people, and as The Commander of WE THE PEOPLE whom are Human, we must see that we will “need” too depend on one another, and not “those” we pay PROTECTION MONEY as in TAXES and Religion and Charity “Donations” called Tithes and Gifts… Make community where you can, and sell your house: if you live all alone, and travel, but find places where “people” know YOUR FACE when you walk in….

The Sentinel…

I am doing “my part” too LIVE OFF A PHONE……., and I do [put on] #QANON /_\ the Slave Mask Muzzle when it is a must…., and I will get these fucking Shots, if it is “essential” to and for me finding work, and being “allowed” into Bars, and Clubs where people know my face…

The Commander~


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