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5G kills one side of nearby tree

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 03 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Somewhere in UK

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, what are we to do!!! We will all DIE if these “Lunatics” Crank up their New World Order 5G Death Weapons too full power!!!! Take a breath` my young “runner” for you still have children to make………, and love with Sexual {Romantic Touches} +=+ of Gentle Aggression to make with those whom you so choose if they wish “too choose” to share in the Sucking of the sex organ for [we are not] / * \ defeated just yet!!!

You young people say you “want something” [{**}] too live for` as we old people??? Well then get out of your houses and “scope out” where them Tartarian Goliath Phonetician “CHALDEAN” [{*}] TOWERS of 5G Madness reside…….., and come to your senses as to “how you will” CUT THE WIRES that activate them things……., so NO POWER shall flow into “your minds” that comes from these INSANE FREE MASON lodge members…..., for they can not place a Guard on every TOWER at all times….., and even if they do…., you are ROMANTIC WARRIORS…, and we wish “to live on” to have SEX another day.., and make more babies., and share in “The Orgy” called life` then you better “just shoot” them things with your Long Bow .22 Rifles till they sparks and sing like “dying” Dragons of DREGO!!!

Are we not the “Knights” of the ROUND TABLES, and The Square Tables, and The Triangle “Tents” where there are no POLICE or MILITARY PROTECTING “any of these” 5G DEATH WEAPONS and when the “sun sets” your Plows to your Tractors to your Fire Trucks can make “a muck” of the Wires, and the Receivers, so these things “do not kill” all the insects, and the worms, and creepy crawlies “in the dirt” for we need our Mammals, and our Animals, and our Fowl to the Fisheries in the seas “for food” and fun and frolic!!! If you are PAK-TOE then you are a “New Creation” and you will fight all whom are RACKA!!! They are the Cursed, and the Dammed, and the Forsaken ones filled with “Evil” Wicked Insane Spirits……., and they do come to kill we all, even their own bodies these Possessed and Oppressed FAMILY MEMBERS…, and you would “know this” from our studies of THE GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. !!!!!

So Trash your Windows Operation Systems and them “Apples” of S.A.T.A.N. and it is time for all to install Ubuntu – Mint…., and “TIALS” Linux Computer Operation Systems…..., and make USB Boot Drives….., so they may be “thrown down” into the Sewers if these U.N. Troops “show up” when you go back to their FAKE SPACE SCHOOLS.., and “City Libraries” and any place Dirty KKK C.O.P.S. will be regardless of “Skin Tone” for we battle not just “in these” Flesh., and Blood….., and Bones TEMPORARY Body “Temple” Avatars…….., we fight in the UNSEEN just as your “Wireless TV” to Internet are things of the UNSEEN!!!

So find you a person “whom knows” how to make a LINUX MINT “USB” BOOT and do “what you must” so you can get your Sex Organs sucked and fucked “once again” in luscious bodacious human touch!!! For we shall “never again” allow any “Ink on Paper” books to0 CUT THE SKINS “of our” SEX ORGANS OFF!!!

The Book of EXODICE!!!


Oh yeah!!! You can now “download” BOOK FOUR OF PUZZLES at Johnny Exodice on mewe.com


See how people like him “Still Deny” that I Christ Jesus am here, and they still WORSHIP MONEY!!! He is so Wrong!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO } THESE 5 G TOWERS!!!! You are all little Davids now……..., so you better “turn off” this Mind Melding MACHINE!!!!


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