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5G Death Tech comes to kill we all with Forced Technology and PROJECT BLUE BEAM... Q+ The Pen`

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 60 Views
Published on 24 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

You know they are Faking the COVID - 19 Deadly Virus outbreak, and still you nonmason do not have a plan as a Decentralized Gang or Crew or Militia to Eradicate your FREE MASON World Leaders of these U.N. FLAGS???? Sad.... #Popcorn

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, is Magic good or evil??? It is “neither” for it is but a TOOL that should not possess you anymore then any other [Mechanizations] +=+ from your Cell Phones to your TV Screens to your sleeping and {Waking Dreams} / * \ in this SIMULATION our Lesson to learn if we are Worthy to go home……..., or dammed to Repeat in “this place” for all eternity as OUR Symbiots are allowed to leave…….., and become “Real Beings” for they have been good guides to we all whom have listen to Mathew 5……., and know what Raca is for it is the same word of Racka spoken of those whom “chose to do evil” and choose to be wicked…..., and choose to impose Gods….., and Laws…., and Judges…, and Kings.., AND all their things of “Ink on Paper” that WE THE PEOPLE., and The Person have no say in!!!! Yet, these books are not very old “at all” for we of Pak-Toe know the world “came to an end” in 1850 C.E. after the Great Nuclear {Hydrogen War} [{**}] of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. where all was dead from birds to bugs from “Wolfs to Sheep” from People to Persons, and for what??? So we could be raised on and in [A Master Slave] [{*}] system where the Rich and Wealthy are “Forbidden” to help their brothers and sisters, moms and dads, and even the little ones whom are poor and in need só the TV “Talking Heads” can make up STORIES about why we can not Feed the Many and only give the best “to those” at the Top of this FREE MASON Lodges “Pyramid Scheme” of RULE OF LAW and Courts and Empty Halls and Buildings of ALL OUR “Ancestors” whom ruined it all??? We were once the Great “Tartarian” Culture….., and our MASONRY Still Stands in this Day and Age of Liars and Cheetos, and those whom wet their sheets with the tears of “our kidnapped” and tortured NONMASON children!!! To this, we the people whom are nonmason CITIZENS have created “a new way” and a New Heaven……, and a New Earth……., and a NEW PEOPLE known as Pak-Toe, and we will fight you Racka in mind and body and soul no matter how many “Machine People” you’m send to hunt and kill WE THE nonmason PEOPLE with your “U.N. Troops” and Fake Ass COVID – 19 “NORAD” Death Virus for since Our King, and Our God, has been “Visited” by The ENTITY, we too “can become” Vicious to Protect our Parents….., and our Children…., and Our Young…, to OUR Very very old….. The Jews wanted a Messiah Warrior??? Well, after you ROMANS, and your Zionist Catholic Jesuit Domination “of people” with these Zionist Jesuit FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Globalist Lodges TOOK ALL.., you got no reason YOU “Sinners” too be happy anymore as we all Print and Sign off on OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION “Human Coalition” against all “United Nations” FLAGS be it any land that does not help the poor., and says: WE THE PEOPLE [MUST PAY] TAXES…….., but we the people will have “no say or sway” in how OUR MONEY is used be it given to a Church, a Mosk, A Temple, or a Synagogal????????? Is not these RELIGIONS “just” Extensions of YOUR U.N. FLAGS Governments, and you FREE MASON “refuse” to make peace cause you “wish” for we nonmason “all too die” in your Let us Entertain You WAR GAMES!!!???!!! No longer shall we the Kingdom, not Mafia of Pak-Toe bow down to [The Controllers] of this Realm for you are nothing more then Flesh and Blood and Bones yourselves……., and DECENT “is now” Demanded, and Betrayal to Child PizzaGATE Satanist “is now” LIBERATION for as the King of Angels and Demons “be they” good or evil…., I am allowed to Save and Free and “Protect” my People of Pak-Toe from all the Racka World “Military Machines” where one says to another: You are not Human, but I AM??? There is no I AM…., there “is only” WE ARE!!!! The Book of Exodice


Choose your targets well, and let the AIR “out of” / * \ all your Enemies Tires….


ALWAYS SHOOT FIRST when it comes to these “U.N. Troops” in our POLICE UNIFORMS arresting us for Drugs when their DRUG the COVID 19 “Vape Virus” is what is actually killing and "kidnapping" all we nonmason “by these” FREE MASON C.O.P.S. of the world….


And always know there are many ways to “hide your faces” from all these Machine People and their “Machine Minds” and SURVEILLANCE of Home Land Security aka [U.N. Troops] in our U.S. FLAG Uniforms….

The Commander~



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