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5 REPORTS: Nunes sues MSM, Baltimore mayor indicted, killer robots, Iran planning attack, 82 yr. old beats intruder

Linda Kirby
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Published on 25 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics








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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

Mapping Tech of The Astrons

It was going to start out as Mapping Tech of The Stars……., but now {that we know} about STAR FORTS……, and ponder if there are } to return to our Celestial Sphere home worlds….., I have [to remind you all] +=+ that this place is PURGATORY; Therefore…., It can not be Heaven or Hell…., but just a SIMULATION for {Our Symbiotic} to contemplate our fate.., and in that line of comprehension., if you can not or WILL NOT [start to learn to love] one another, and your inner self, then you will {never leave} / * \ this place, and you will {be dammed} to REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT your existence where every dream you dream [while you sleep] is a Lesson you’m need to take into this waking [walking life] we all share….

You see the GREATEST lie is that you {can escape here} by brute force, and what these Golem Machine Entities do is try to [[[TRICK OR TREAT]]] you into letting them {into your being} [{**}] that being YOUR THOUGHTS, and your Contemplation [of why] you were born, and then {they tell you} to FIGHT to STEAL to go to WAR!!! That is the PUNISHMENT For whatever {we done} in our real CELESTIAL SPHERES as this Construct the FREE MASON have placed [The Grand Architect] on Mother Heaven and Father Earth THE EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA {does not let them leave} for they are the ones whom done REVELATION Chapter 8…., and all the other horrors of PizzaGATE to Shooting the Moon [Till she bled] her Black Blood…., and it rained Black Water….

Moreover, if you can FEEL no Regret, no Shame, and no INSIGHT that every thing here is a LIE, and no matter what we do…., we [are incapable] of ESTABLISHING OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION {by Force} or Reason, then OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION is only for those {whom fight] the good fight [to Speak Up} and SAY: The FREE MASON are Evil!!! Consequently since {I AM The Christ} Jesus Returned…., my only job here was to get us home…., and I was hoping that was the many, and even the masses, but it is EVIDENT that {only those whom take} [{*}] The Narrow Path of Honesty get taken out by [The Source of All Creation] when our CORPOREAL Prison Bodies die…., and in that, OUR FAITH Does not make us monsters, or demons, or even Devils, our FAITH Restores OUR HUMANITY, so {we may return} to being FALLEN ANGELS no more….

So Just know these WEAPONS of [The United Nations] INTERNATIONAL MAFIA will be used by these Vampires and Pirates and Thieves no matter {what banner or label} they place upon their FLESH and BLOOD and Bones Body TEMPLE Avatar for they [do not get taken out] until they LEARN THE LESSON of Repentance – Reconsideration – Reconciliation… IN this my Pak-Toe {if you will not help} one another, feed one another, clothe one another, provide SHELTER [to the] Homeless…., you will not leave {and be Trapped} With the RACKA for every RESET!!! Only by 1st Corinthians 13 do we go home…., and the rest [will die} over and over in the HORRORS {they made] in their IGNORANCE while we but suffer [just a little more] in this Night Mare Place of Endless Defenseless Wars!!! In that, fight to {protect those} whom love you…., and teach others THE WAY…

Johnny Exodice


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