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5 quick reports, 2 will make you sick

Linda Kirby
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Published on 13 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics








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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

The Dichotomy of the FREE MASON

Now that we know there are only Two Peoples at War in this place The Purgatorium where we whom are the nonmason populations are lied to by the free mason populations about everything......., the spirits wanted me to see how these GOLEM People treat we The HUMAN People......, now you'm Whom have been raised } you would call an Evil One a Gin....., a Demon...., a Devil..., The Wicked.., The Cruel., The Monsters, and so on and so forth depending on {What Race} Your PERSON was born into, now we do not [get to choose] OUR mom or dad, and nor do we {get to choose} [{**}] the Religions or Schools of Thought that shall shape us, and in this, when we come {Back to Life} +=+ after Death we can come back as a White Skin, a Light Skin, a Brown Skin, a Dark Skin, or a Black Skin as this PURGATORY Works at this time under the FREE MASONIC UNITED NATIONS of Satan...

That Said, there is a song called the Sound of Silence where 5 young people sing with 4 men, and one female... In this WORLD AS A STAGE {Video Game lives} [{*}] we have lived the Wombman [is always kept] below the Males, and I will post the link to the YouTube Song...., so you may inspect it {with your} / * \ emotions, your feelings, and your symbiot... Now the White Man of European Decent stands in the Middle when the Song Begins, and then the {Jewish Type Skin Tone} sings the Second Verse, then a Light Skin Black Man sings the Third Verse, and then the Female {of Asiatic Desire} sings the Fourth Verse...., and when you would think The AFRICAN BLACK MAN would sing {the last Verse} it returns to the White Man cause FREE MASON [made the KKK] and FREE MASON White Men made The NEON G.O.D. known as TV Sets and {TV Shows} that possess the minds of all our people [regardless of] Skin Tone...

The Importance {of this lesson} is that even Though China is the Lady In Red and the Whore of Babylon for the Merchant Ships from {the Book of Revelation} in the Holy Bible, This MADE IN CHINA Red Dragon has only a Military of 2 Million Strong...., and that is no more then the United States Military??? You would think The RED Dragon from the New Testament and is even mentioned in the Old Testament would not put up with Opium Wars {from the White People} of the British Empire??? You would think COMMUNISM would hold sway that the Chinese Government would have a Military {of a Billion Strong} using them Chinese in your Collage Campuses, China Towns, and every Chinese Food Place as an OUTPOST for their {JADE HELM 15} World Domination Plot???? This is very much the case...., but even more so, Russians are just more {White People} as are French and Spaniards, and though the U.S and the E.U. have REFUGEES, them Dark Skins {are only refugees} cause the FREE MASON U.S. FLAG Military bombed [their nations] and cities into Oblivion...

You See; as long as, FREE MASON Set the Stage, and we nonmason [do nothing] about them REX 84 U.N. Outpost known as FREE MASON Lodges where we live...., then these INTERNATIONALIST Globalist will continue {to place themselves} as our Lord and Masters and Gods where the White Man [can beat] the White Woman every time...., and the Black Man {can be beat} by any!!! In India the Lights skins {are preferred} over the Rohyinga, in China the light skins {are preferred} over dark skin Asian Nations, in South America them [Light Skins] rule over the Dark Skin Natives Americans...., and on and on we see these {Skin Tones} being used as a Weapon just as we see SEX being used as a Weapon where {a Dark Skin Female} is more hated then a Light Skin Female, and yet??? Who continues to keep it this way generation upon generation??? The FREE MASON Lodges [whom run] your Home Towns, your City Counsels, your School Boards, Your Law Makers, and Your Political Class...., so if the freemason were gone, we NONMASON Would have OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION of freedom and joy and [equal protections] regardless of these feckless nations....


Johnny Exodice

di·chot·o·my (dī-kŏt′ə-mē)
n. pl. di·chot·o·mies
1. A division into two contrasting parts or categories: the dichotomy between rural and urban communities; regards the division between nature and nurture as a false dichotomy.
2. Astronomy The phase of the moon, Mercury, or Venus when half of the disk is illuminated.
3. Botany Branching characterized by successive forking into two approximately equal divisions.
[Greek dikhotomiā, from dikhotomos, divided in two : dikho-, dicho- + temnein, to cut; see tem- in Indo-European roots.]
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
dichotomy (daɪˈkɒtəmɪ)
n, pl -mies
1. division into two parts or classifications, esp when they are sharply distinguished or opposed: the dichotomy between eastern and western cultures.
2. (Logic) logic the division of a class into two mutually exclusive subclasses: the dichotomy of married and single people.
3. (Botany) botany a simple method of branching by repeated division into two equal parts
4. (Astronomy) the phase of the moon, Venus, or Mercury when half of the disc is visible
[C17: from Greek dichotomia; see dicho-, -tomy]
diˈchotomous, dichotomic adj
diˈchotomously adv
Usage: Dichotomy should always refer to a division of some kind into two groups. It is sometimes used to refer to a puzzling situation which seems to involve a contradiction, but this use is generally thought to be incorrect
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014




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Susan Marie
Susan Marie 9 months ago

WHY are you posting this stuff under Ms. Linda's video?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

@Susan Marie: Becaus the End of an Age is upon us.... Q+ The Pen` [///|||\\\] #FREEPALESTINE

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