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Renaud Be
Renaud Be - 714 Views
Published on 16 Feb 2019 / In News and Politics

Joe Biden wanted to teach Donald Trump morality because decades ago women threw themselves all over him and his money; but what about Biden throwing himself all over young children. Maybe former Vice President Joe Biden should just have himself arrested instead of dreaming of the presidency. If Biden ever gets elected President, parents should lock up their children, because he doesn't seem to have any lower age limit.

PS: Joe Biden gave a free pass to his niece after getting caught in a $100K credit card scam; but he still wants to play the big role of preacher of morality.

1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ofzSOOVIqRAh/
2. https://videos.utahgunexchange.....com/watch/4i2VmZ44n
3. https://drop.space/v/EHD1wy

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Renaud Be
Renaud Be 11 months ago

This is only the visible tip of the ICEBERG I'm sure. Now if a guy can do this on open television, I dare you to imagine what he can do behind closed doors with none watching. I heard Obama was having $65,000 tax-payers funded Hot Dog parties in the White House and even Biden was occasionally swimming in the nude with female security forced to watch him.

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