45 GAP Ammo - History

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Published on 04 Dec 2018 / In Firearms

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In 2003, the .45 GAP cartridge was introduced as the first cartridge to have the Glock name. This cartridge was developed by Glock because they wanted a .45 caliber bullet in a case no longer than a 9mm or .40 S&W, as well as a cartridge that would not require a grip larger than what they had in their Model 17 or 22 pistols
This cartridge case is much shorter than the .45 ACP, and even shorter than the case of a 9mm! Exclusively small primers are used, but essentially all other measurements of the case are the same, as well as the bullets.

Glock's goal in development of it was to provide as much energy as the .45 ACP – or more – while reducing the grip distance from front to back and side to side. In this way, .45 caliber handguns became accessible to shooters of small stature.

Response to the cartridge upon its introduction was generally positive, and pistols were produced by a few firearm manufacturers other than Glock. However, Glock is currently the only manufacturer of .45 GAP handguns. The law enforcement community has given the most favorable reception of it, with five state law enforcement agencies having chosen it. The New York State Police and state agencies in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania have all set aside other calibers in favor of it.

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