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381 Days | (A Message for Our Nation)

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 68 Views
Published on 03 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

From what I can see, we remain strange fruit because of the narrative America has created in order to identify Black People. It drives every perception of us. Our skin color is the weapon, we are always seen as armed and dangerous.

I’ll never forget the day Walt and I were riding down the highway on the way to a speaking engagement. I remember being hype because I had just published my book. Before we left we'd loaded boxes of them into the back of the suburban. Out of nowhere we heard a siren, and realized we were being pulled over. Two white officers approached each side of the truck with hands on their weapons. They made us get out of the car with our hands up as they called for backup. They then separated Walt and me, and put me in the back of the police car. I remember feeling outraged and also helpless as they brought a dog and searched the boxes. Once they figured out that I was the author of the books they found, they told us we were free to go.

Walt and I rode to the engagement the rest of the way in silence. The rage and anger I felt was real. The helplessness I felt was palpable. A year ago I felt the same rage and helplessness when I went for a walk at 3am in my own neighborhood and was confronted by the sight of several garage doors spray-painted with the word “NIGGER” in big black letters. In both of these situations I made it out physically unharmed, but my heart and my mind were left hurting. I’m saying this as a grown man, husband, father, pastor, and Ph.D. in education. I have stability. I have support. I have a community. And I still have an extremely tough time processing this. Stop now and think about how a 17-year-old who doesn't have what I have—whose life up to this point has been full of these interactions and messages—think about how they feel right now. They need us. They need you. That’s why it hurts so bad when the “good” people don’t condemn racism. If we are truly your brothers and sisters, it’s not enough to be Non-Racist you must be Anti-Racist.

Power is consolidated in the law—those who write it and those who enforce it.

Right now, the most important thing we can do is to better ourselves, our communities, our families. Do all we can to protect what we Love and continue to Educate each other in ways that Uplift us and ennoble us.

Stay in the Boat. Remain Committed.
Love you
Ya Boy ET

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The FREE MASON are Antifa

Just as the FREE MASON are the KKK, and BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! Now, you might take offence if you are you a FRAT BOY Demolay, or a SORORITY Sister Jobs Daughters, and Rainbow Girls, but The Drunken REBEL was in ATL the other day during the George PINK Floyd PROTEST, and when the Crowd of about 200 youth walked by the Hooka Bar Anatolia, he got in the mix and started yelling: THE FREE MASON ARE THE KKK!!!!

Now for all the NICE Black African Americans up to that point, these BLACK PROTESTERS started to get upset that He The GOD of Pak-Toe was calling out The Racka.?.?.?.? So these two young BLACK GIRLS started to attack him when HE said: I AM NOT BLACK!!!! I am a U.S. Citizen!!!! And as these FREE MASON Kids and Eastern Star wanna be’s got more frustrated, he said: YOU Don’t want to be U.S. Citizens, you want to be AFRICANS and not Americans?????

Then as he left ATLANTA Georgia near the CNN TV show for “lets us start” a RACE WAR, and low and behold [Homeland Security] pulled up and said: I don’t know what you said, but you need to be careful, so OUR COMMANDER asked the Homeland Security OFFICER, are you a U.S. Citizen??? The HOMELAND FEDERAL AGENT Would not Confirm he was a U.S. Citizen!!!! I told you my NONMASON your only (CVODI19) enemy are FREE MASON Lodge Members, and I don’t care what COUNTRY, they are all plain cloth Global Citizens “U.N. Troops” in the PROTESTERS!!!!

I ain’t playing this PUT A MUZZLE on your face and play the game of (COVID19) this World Domination Plot!!!! However, if The King of Angels and Demons ends up dead, you know it was these FREE MASON YOUTH!!! So avenge my death and Kill all these People doing Malfeasance, Treachery. SEDITION, and High Treason, cause all these BLACK LIVES MATTER Youth said they LOVED TRUMP and CLINTON whom are not “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!!

Johnny Exodice

The FREE MASON {stole our Lodges} after the Great FLAT EARTH “Mud Floods” that they did to we all in the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854…

The Society of nonmason~

Remember, we of Pak-Toe ALWAYS Confirm and Verify!!!! If they say they this, and we say the FREE MASON are doing it on the MATRIX of the Media known as The Show of TV CNN FOX MSNBC and all TV INTERNATIONALIST SHOWS??? Then they are the [INSECTOID] Machine People known as The Racka!!!!!



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