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380 ACP (Auto) Ammo - History

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Published on 02 Feb 2019 / In Firearms

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One of the most popular self-protection cartridges available on the market today, the .380 ACP is a powerful self-defense cartridge that can be used in a light compact pistol with mild recoil – making it a popular choice among those who carry concealed and police officers looking for a capable back-up gun. However, gun writers either hate it or love it – there has not been much middle ground since its inception.

John Moses Browning designed the cartridge, and it was first introduced by Colt’s Manufacturing Company in 1908, for the Model 1908 Pocket Pistol. The cartridge established and maintained a presence in the world of firearms over the next century as an excellent choice for concealed carry and even as a primary sidearm.

During World War II, German forces used the Walther PPK and Italian forces used the Beretta M1934 – both pistols chambered for the .380 ACP. It was also used in other military pistols until being replaced by the 9mm.

The .380 ACP is not a high-energy round, but its accuracy is suitable for self protection, and recoil and muzzle blast are moderate. The bullets feed well and are as dependable as most other semi-automatic pistol rounds. The range of ammunition available today from practice ammo to personal protection and target shooting is abundant – with all major manufacturers of pistol ammunition in the U.S. producing it. Self-defense ammo that is available today is high quality, and light years ahead of the basic round nose or simple hollow point bullets. These advances have made it a viable choice for self defense for those who criticized past stopping power.

Interest in the U.S. market was renewed in the early 2000s with the release of the Kel-Tec P-3 AT pistol – which is ultra-lightweight, easily concealable, reliable and inexpensive. The latter two factors had not previously been common features of these caliber pistols. Other lightweight, concealed carry pistols have been developed to meet the increased demand, including offerings from Diamondback, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and SIG SAUER. The .380 ACP has grown in popularity, and manufacturers of firearms and ammunition have been responsive, increasing the availability and use of it for handguns carried in self defense.

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