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357 SIG Ammo - History

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Published on 03 Jan 2019 / In Firearms

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SIG SAUER introduced the .357 SIG in 1994, with Federal Premium Ammunition. It was designed to have the power of the .357 Magnum but in a rimless cartridge, and to be used specifically in semi-auto pistols. Traditionally the Magnum bullet was a self-defense round with years of proven effectiveness. However, the growing popularity of the 9mm and .40 S&W for semi-automatic pistols gradually pushed it out of law enforcement circles.

Designed specifically to be used in semi-auto pistols, a big advantage of this cartridge is that this design permits it to be fired in a .40 S&W pistol just by changing the barrel. Additionally, the recoil of the cartridge is comparable to the . 40 S&W.

Though it is not the most popular law enforcement handgun cartridge, it has still been issued by several prominent police agencies as their sidearm cartridge. The first major law enforcement agency to issue it for duty was the Texas Highway Patrol in 1995. The Secret Service, Bureau of Industry and Security and Air Marshals all use it as well. State law enforcement agencies that have used it in the past, or are currently using it include: Delaware, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Many other county- and city-level agencies have also adopted it – with most using SIG SAUER pistols or the Glock 31.

The data that is available on defensive shooting situations shows the .357 SIG is just as capable as the .357 Magnum – which is why it is expected to serve both law enforcement and civilian users for a long time to come.

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