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357 Magnum Ammo - History

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Published on 01 Feb 2019 / In Firearms

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The .357 Magnum – the first and most popular handgun magnum caliber – was developed in 1935, as an improvement to the .38 Special. It was the result of a collaboration between the legendary Elmer Keith, gun writer Phil Sharpe, and Colonel D.B. Wesson of Smith & Wesson and Winchester firearms. It uses the same case as the .38 Special, but is 0.125” longer. The S&W Model 27 was the first revolver to accommodate it.

Since then, many other revolvers have been built to use it. Historically, popular among both law enforcement and civilians has kept demand high since its introduction. All major ammunition manufacturers produce it as well as a weapon to use it with.

Law enforcement agencies used the .357 Magnum for many years, and U.S. military personnel used this caliber from World War II through Vietnam. General George S. Patton is one particularly famous user of this caliber. He carried two revolvers, one an ivory handled S&W .357 Magnum, and the other an ivory handled single action .45 Long Colt.

This cartridge is mostly found in revolvers, however, other firearm types fire it as well. Lever action rifles chambered for it have been manufactured by Marlin, Henry and others. Semi-automatic pistols that fire it have been manufactured by Israeli Military Industries and Coonan. Ruger has introduced a bolt action rifle chambered for the caliber. It might be the perfect combination rifle and pistol cartridge when you consider how many single shot and pump action rifles can be had with it.

The .357 Magnum is now less popular among law enforcement agencies due to the advantages in performance and capacity offered by semi-automatic pistols. It is, however, still a valid hunting and self-defense caliber. The famous LEVERevolution ammunition made by Hornady is popular among North American hunters for medium and large game. First Defense, a solid copper bullet for self defense manufactured by Magtech, also comes in the caliber. It is versatile and can be shot in many firearms, ensuring that it will continue to be one of the most popular on the market.

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