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3 REPORTS; Venice flooding, China plague, Israel Palestian cease fire

Linda Kirby
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Published on 14 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics






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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

My Defiance not withstanding...

They take all we have, and they take all we give, and then they say: Capitalism is Working cause you can no longer live!!! People think they can hide, people think they can run, but how could this be so when we have given the GOVERNMENTS Every Gun??? Your Police do not uphold your nations constitutions, they work for the Corporations and the FREE MASON... Your Military does not Question its orders, they just kill more humans.... You tell me you got a way out of PURGATORY, and yet, not one of you helps me find my way... JADE HELM 15 accomplished its objective, and when we live in a De-Ja-Vu Oraborus Curse then this place just repeats and repeats and repeats and Hotel California that Eagles song was not wrong...

Do I enjoy tormenting you with the truth where we can be copied and cloned and replaced in the ESOTERIC World, and that is why no one fights back??? What would your Bug Out do??? What place is safe from the Death Drone Lazers, the Chemical Spewing Jumbo Jets, the Water is tainted, the food is raided, and the homeless are no more... The Streets are clean and all is automation, and they figured out a way to download OUR Spirits - Our Souls - Our Person into the EDISON Machine in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA where each time we wake up, we are still trapped in this fucking place of lunacy and cruelty!!! My Anger knows no rage, my madness has no page, and I have wrote and wrote but Agenda 21 + 30 are here and done!!! We are surrounded by tech, and wires, and things of the unseen, and in HELL you do not get set free...

Is this the place you have taken me my mind??? Is this the reason Christ was not unkind??? What have you done to STOP and say: I am no longer A part of this world...., and I give it all away??? The only way out of PURGATORY will be by the Narrow Path of Honesty that Christ Jesus spoke about, and since I only came back to get us home, you must realize that anyone {you hold onto} keeps you repeating in this NEVER ENDING SIMULATION where we will see them Rip Open The Dome of the Rock, and the populations of the world freemason, or not, shall scream in terrors and horrors THE SKY IS FALLING, and then all will be reset for those whom can not be HONEST with their own mind that [this is a place] for Redemption - Reconciliation - Reconsideration, and regrets for the wrongs {we have done} to our selves and to others... I did not come back to FORGIVE YOU, I can only restore you to your Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTHS Home Worlds if you but have REGRETS for things [you have done] while being here...

You see Christ Jesus saw that People do not care {be they} nonmason or freemason for all had been swayed by that Certain Shade of Blue Light, and now we know every lamp in every parking lot is blasting out that same shade of blue light..., but we see them LED Night Lamps as white dead light that [even the bugs] know to stay away.... You cannot out run a 10 Mile Wide Hydrogen Bomb, and all U.N. Flag Member States have them to use on we the Citizens whom pay the Taxes and Tithes and Tributes, so they may get everything they want just as The Messiah Spoke... I was hungry, and you would not feed me, I was thirsty, and you would not give me drink, I was in Prison, and you would not visit me, I was Naked, and you would not Clothe me... Do not BLAME G.O.D. for whom you are for {you see those in need} and YOU do nothing to change it... I am but The Messenger you were told would come at The End of an age, and still you stand silent...., as so many are Bombed by Your Nations Militarizes...


Johnny Exodice


ALT MEAT is how they dispose of The Dead for DEPOPULATION is done.... The Society of nonmason~

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