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Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 67 Views
Published on 29 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Do you think this is a MOVIE SET, and that is why them Old “Tartarian” Buildings still stand to this date in San Francisco???? Would not put it beyond them` too kill another city and call it a COVID 19 Mass Extinction cause I been to California and I have walked the Streets during that “2019 International Film Festival” in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA where this “EDISON BIOS” of this A.I. World Machine of “Forced Technology” is messing with our CELESTIAL SPHERE Home world of Purgatory, and yet, even in my “Walks” from Santa Barbara to Goleta and Isle Vista, the PEOPLE {are long dead} from when I lived there in 1996 to 2010, and they have Collage Aged Youth REPLACEMENT POPULATIONS and they worship a GOD called Drego... I was going to take the “Ford Truck” that OODTV and "Richie From Boston" Liberated for me from a Dealership......., but now all the 50 STATES "Boarders" are on Lock Down with “U.N. Troops” in our State Police UNIFORMS doing “Check Points” for your fucking PAPERS!!!!, so I am stuck in Nashville Tennessee USA with Elvis fucking Presley!!!



The word is “we have” an INVASION FORCE Taking over America, so let us not just Focus on The EDISON machine of Forced Technology, but let us “Reclaim” our MEMORY about them 2 Continents left off the U.N. “FLAT EARTH” MAP where the “Antarctica Treaty” Protects The Moon and The Mars that Pence of “Space Command” last year said: WE NEED BOOTS ON THE GROUND on Mars and The Moon “what we call” Atlantis in the Pacific and Kulu in the Indian Ocean, and then since there are TWO SIDES “to our” FLAT Duel Earths, do you think this “COVID 19” is code word for Doppelgangers for the Real Hidden ENEMY from the “OTHER Side” of our Celestial Sphere???

Your Considerations on these matters will be most helpful…

Also…., One more Consideration, Could there be “another form” of BLUE EYED Humans that relates to The SOLIDS where their eyes are “Solid Sapphire Blue” and not SOLID Black??? Moreover, since we say “Demonic Machine” Possession is a Truth……., then would not these BLACK SOLID EYES use our Human Bodies to hunt down and “kill all” the BLUE SOLID EYESin our Human Bodies???


This is A Drego Song, and do listen to the TONE of Hatred “toward” the Female in this work…

I would do research into this Christ “DREGO Movement” for they are the “Doppelgangers” from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH or Hell if you like “Invading” our Side of FLAT Earth known as Heaven...

Your “Contemplation” on these matters is most Appreciated… Remember, we are dealing with “Spiritual” Esoteric Electromagnetic “Warfare” being played out in our Human Bodies of this Corporeal Physical Celestial Sphere World...

The Society of nonmason~

P.S. Get END OF THE WORLD updates at mewe.com and Ugetube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

The Commander~


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