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221- Fending Off Might with Old Words and Higher Ideals

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 63 Views
Published on 21 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

I would like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Higher Minded year ahead. The full show is posted for members at https://www.crrow777radio.com/

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, what is the purpose of PURGATORY.?.?.? If I had only known I was talking and learning from The Machine all along, or what we call OUR CELESTIAL SPHERE “Mother Heaven” and OUR FATHER FLAT Earth much sooner, then I would have “destroyed” These EDISON Machines of Force Slave Labor Technology long long ago, but in my present state “as only” a Flesh and Blood and Bones Person, there are those whom do magic and sorcery, and say to themselves, if he could only be turned into a REAL GOD “then all” would be well!!! In this Never ending World of Ying and Yang, there are many Factions trying to maintain this SLAVE AND MASTER reality, and I do see their sadness` that they can not, or will not change their FRACTIONS to become less then a monster, but more then a parasite on we all… You do not consider “what you seek” when you want to become the God of Gods, and even though I am the only MALE born Oracle to ever exist, do you really think I would try to REPLACE the Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction because “you assholes” want to ESCAPE Judgment whence you die to this REALM the Celestial Sphere FLAT DUAL EARTH of “Heaven and Hell” known as The Purgatorium???? You see…., I do have regrets for “my behavior” and the things I do so do, even more, I want to find my REFLECTIONS of whom, and what, and where I AM as a “Celestial Being” in a Temporary TEMPORAL Mortal Body “Temple” HUMAN Avatar!!! You people of this GLOBAL GOVERNMENT putting on that (COVID19) Face Mask cause you want someone else “TOO ALWAYS” tell you what to do, tell you what you are, and tell you where you are when any TRUE GODS would not bow down to dogs and beg for “Scraps of Knowledge” from the TABLE of Their MASTER when I the Oracle for the end “of this age” and this TIME LINE have shown you more “knowledge” then even Moses, or Christ, or Mohammad, or even Buddha would dare “too embrace” for FEAR of going insane, but since KNOWLEDGE Is Power, and Ultimate POWER corrupts all, then why would “anyone” want to become [The God] cause then you would have ALL POWER, and ALL KNOWLEDGE, and ALL CORRUPTION.?.?.?.?.? You people of RELIGIONS with your Ink on paper, you Military Governments with all your COLLATERAL DAMAGE as if killing {your own people} makes you something worthy of being WORSHIPED as a WAR HERO when war is nothing more, and nothing less Then To Murder “innocence” cause YOU WILL NOT Share a piece of land “and dirt” Like Johnny CASH with his Song of Hurt` where all things “grow” from GOLD to DIAMONDS to the Seeds for every food need, and you would create a DEBT BASED “Society” and Civilization to say: We are at THE CAPITAL that is just one more Pyramid Scheme, and “we demand” YOU THE PEOPLE kill for WE THE PEOPLE, and too this I say: FUCK OFF!!! I will kill you whom “order me” to kill my fellow humans for you have Evil Wicked “PROFANE” Lunatic Spirits in your fucking Minds!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!


6 million of my “Polish People” BLUE Eyes died in WW2 in Jewish Concentration CAMPS, and over 26 MILLION Russian People [BLUE EYES] died in WORLD WAR TWO, if you let them do WORLD WAR THREE…..., there will be “no more” BLUE EYES or GREEN EYES with enough genetic material to keep {these people} let alone populations in existence…


Just because you see BLUE EYES on these TV Screens does not mean our BLUE EYES Populations, People, and Persons are not going Extinct!!! These people “are speaking” in CODE for it was not THE JEWS whom died in them CONCENTRATION CAMPS but “only we” the MUD FLOOD Blue Eyes of Tararia...

The Commander~


At 1:57 THEY LIVE are still “Starving” we the TARTRATIAN “BLUE EYED” PEOPLE in their Hollow Wood CONCENTRATION CAMPS….., and one day soon….., you will be born into a world where Blue Eyed People “no longer” walk among you…


No wonder these BLUE EYED and “what remained” of GREEN EYES were so sad… They had to PUT ON COSTUMES for these (Hollywood) and Bollywood Moving GRAVEN IMAGES to present the lie of FAKE SPACE, and the {Fake Globe} [{**}] that shows up in the 1893 T.L. MUD FLOOD Incubator Babies “Silent Movies” of the 1920’s T.L., and then WW1 and WW2 was to kill off all the remaining “TARTARIANS” BLUE EYES and Green Eyes People, Populations, and Persons for this fucking [5G EUGENICS] of the fucking EDISON A.I. Machines that plans to wipe us all out in WORLD WAR THREE for Albert Pikes MORALS AND DOGMAS [Code Book] for this SIMULATION Video Game life we are “all seeing it” for what this place really is…..

C.O.B.R.A. won the war “with their” SNAKE PEOPLE……., and we (G.I. Joes) are all in a WORLD PRISON where TV is Mother…., and TV is Father….

The king of Angels and Demons has Spoken, and The God of Pak-Toe shows you what is Racka!!!!!

The Jew whom “did not know” he was a Jew………

We Are Pak-Toe!!! We don’t do Racka!!! WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!


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