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2020-10-13 23-36-36 @apfns Night Stream of Fallout 76_x264.mp4

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Published on 14 Oct 2020 / In Gaming

The night stream from 10/13

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 12 days ago

The Monetary System that never was…

What good is a life lived if all you have to do is lie about all things all the time.?.?.? And for what purpose would a PERSON be they human or nonhuman find pleasure in such a lifestyle once WE THE PEOPLE knew you were lying about “everything” from our Falsified History, to Outer Space being the Imaginations of your minds to the Archaeological Matters being nothing more then: just more made up superstitious items such as Dinosaurs and “Meteor Impacts” too Fake Plagues, and Fake Religions, and eventually all Schools of Thoughts were run by PEOPLE like you that just lie lie lie… The more I know about your FREE MASON Lodges, and Your Members whom Run the Courts, Make the LAWS we the nonmason have no say in; the more I see YOU PEOPLE are just sick in the head calling we the nonmason “The Profane” when you people murder your Own Parents, and Your Own Children too say: I made a Pact with the Devil…

It was inevitable that PURGATORY would reveal too all “the things” that get one sent to Heaven, and get another Sent to Eternal Hell, and I am shocked, and amazed that you would Sell your Soul to another for “Pieces” of Paper called Money… That you would Murder, and Rape, and Harm your Fellow Man cause you get PAID this Gold, and Silver too Murder WE ARE your Brothers and Sisters no matter Our Age, our Skin Tone, Our Hair Color, Our EYES Of Blue, and Green, and Brown… WE THE PEOPLE have lived in this [false reality] @QBALL /_\ of Holly Days called Halloween – Thanksgiving – Christmas – Easter, and so many other “Valentines” since the date your FREE MASON Doctors gave us Birth Receipts for being born into your Corrupt, and Broken, and “Death Trap” known as CAPITALISM that is just another word for FEDERALISM… Too be certain` the U.N. is nothing but Flags of Communism and Socialism, and I see not one FLAG on this FLAT EARTH that Stands Apart from your {NEWS} World Order!!!

Why any real human of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones would want to “commune” with you Non-humans and your Hybrid Children in any RELIGION is beyond me’ for your RELIGION is WAR IS MURDER, and you praise the very people whom kill, and murder, and bomb our communities into Oblivion saying WE MUST Kill “We The People” to Save Mankind??? Do I miss something: when I look at your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones in that TEMPORARY Mortal “Corporeal” Avatar Body.?.?.? Are you saying that inside the Shell of these Animated Temporal Celestial “Bodies” that there are Evil Spirits, and Good Spirits, and Celestial Beings along with “Symbiots” and those of you with EYES that go SOLID BLACK!!! To be chosen by the Source of All Creation, and All Destruction too become the Oracle for the end of Purgatory was not my choice, it was chosen for me, but you People whom drop Bombs on “We The People” in your WAR GAMES that is a personal Choice, and you will pay for each death, and tragedy you’m have so imposed on WE THE PEOPLE…

I no longer worry about what I write: for The Spirits have shown me all……., and We The People know Every thing, and Every one on TV “is the enemy” of WE ARE the whole, for it is YOU PEOPLE on TV that say: We can not feed those in need, we can not give “shelter” and safety to our Fellow Man, and it is you people whom live off our TAXES as “Public” Servants that say such things as this when you are nothing more then Welfare Babies: living as Kings and Queens called PRESIDENTS of Your Majesty, and Your Excellency in your Appropriated and Adjudicated U.N. FLAGS…. Purgatory will be Purgatory, but I can tell you this: there are many more now that know (COVID19) is as fake as your U.N. FLAGS Faked Moon Landings of the “TV Screens” in the 1960’s, and you might be able to Blow the Brains out of A “Dissenter” known as JFK, but You will never STOP the Creator from dealing with you’ whence you are DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!

Johnny Exodice


We Are The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition on this side of FLAT EARTH inside this Celestial Sphere, and though this world does not end till 2094 C.E., during the Coming years of 2021 to 2030 your U.N. Agenda 21, and Your U.N. Agenda 30 shall see more and more DISSENTERS……., and when you MASONS Say: Descent is Allowed, but BETRAYAL is Death.?.?.? We The Society of nonmason will say: BETRAYAL is freedom from slavery to these FREE MASON Lodges in all Cities, Towns, Provinces, and U.N. FLAGS for we do not need flags to love and serve our Human God for FLOWERS are what feed the world while FLAGS are what destroys our Humanity, and Human ONENESS!!! Flowers instead of Flags…

The Society of nonmason~

The U.N. FLAGS lie about all matter with their Command and Control of ALL BOOKS, All Radio, All Internet, and all TV Shows doing [Malfeasance] Q’s to WE THE PEOPLE on this side of FLAT EARTH as they serve the “NONHUMANS” from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH inside this Celestial Sphere, and once you know {we all wear} the same skins, then you do as Christ Jesus Spake!!! You Will know them by their “Narcissistic Ways” of Worshiping DEATH as in “Halloween” is for these TV PEOPLE whom are all WORSHIPING Satanic “PizzaGATE” nonhuman Holly Days, and they have nothing to do with the New Testament, or the will of we The HUMAN “nonmason” Populations!!!

The Sentinel...


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