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2020-10-06 01-50-14 @apfns Livestream of Streets Of Rage 4_x264.mp4

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Published on 06 Oct 2020 / In Gaming

Love Sega Games! Just d/led this one on XBox One Gamepass!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 20 days ago

Teacher…, are you saying that some of the MUD FLOOD Photos have been faked, and they are not what is presented in the current TIME LINE??? Think of the ability to do CGI Manipulation in this day and age where the TV tells you (COVID19) Is real when it is nothing more then a 3D Generated Computer Image… We know not all buildings in the Old Photos are FAKE cause them buildings do so stand till this very hour; however, things presented as MENTAL Wards and “Asylums” make no sense in a Time before Hypodermic Needles, and are we too say the Swine Flu, or the Spanish Flu, or even the Black Plague are things that actually happened.?.?.?, and are not just STORIES in Books before the Radio, and The Internet of 2DHD Smart Phones as OUR children are raised to look at “for hours” on end where this PROJECT BLUE BEAM of using the Media as a WEAPON against we the nonmason Populations that employ these FREE MASON Governments is just one more Rabbit Hole CRAP to keep we the people PREOCCUPIED from “Revolting” as we allow our U.N. FLAGS to put U.N. Troops in every Nations Capital Military Uniforms??? How many nonmason “police” have been replaced with freemason PRIVATE CORPORATE C.O.P.S. like “G4S” and Academy BLACK WATER Types during these last 6 months of FORCED Lock Down by the People “We Employ” as our Servants??? What I am saying is the longer you do NOTHING to push back: the sooner you will have no need to worry about Survival’ for you will be Taken to the FEMA WALMART Concentration Death Camps under RED FLAG LAWS of your Employees this U.S. FLAG Government, and all your Prepping will have been for no other reason than to KEEP YOU BUSY while your local Town Government was “replaced” with U.N. Government INTERNATIONALIST as all our Small Town Businesses are gone forever……., and now our “Employees” these FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Types from the FBI to the CIA to FEMA and Homeland Security are all “owned” by The UNITED NATIONS IMF cause all Central Banks like the FEDERAL RESERVE are owned by the WTO of the IMF, and whom is faking this World Domination PLOT by the FREE MASON “Representatives” on your TV Channels, Your Hospital Buildings, Your Colleges, and your “Local” County Law Enforcement, and as nonmason, we are being set up to be “taken away” by TRUMPS RED FLAG LAWS, and now that the Globalist TV {NEWS} World Empire has deployed their 3D Holographic CGI Virtual Reality TRUMP TV Talking Head, you should be “very” concerned for they do not even need these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones ACTORS and Actresses to be the News “Casters” Casting their Spells of MALFEASANCE anymore, and once you are kept at home too Work, and have “all things” delivered to your Door By AMAZON [Shelter in Place] @QANON /_\ and STAY AT HOME illegal LAWS, how many have died since the OUT BREAK of this Fake Corona Pandemic.?.?.? How many have “died” in their homes from medical conditions during them 4 MONTHS you were not allowed to go to the HOSPITAL for any Medical Need or Emergency???? Thousands upon thousands have died, and been cremated or turned into ALT – MEAT, and still you do not STOP this “madness” of TV telling YOU the Tax Paying CITIZEN of your lands THAT “they live” will write the ZOOM CHAT Class Rooms for WE ARE just as was the plan of Face Book and YouTube all along… You see, We know “nothing” except the people are dead by their FREE MASON Lodges…..., and still these FREE MASON walk among our communities when they are the Mobsters, Thugs, and Criminals whom “live” off our Taxes…..., and they control Our Jails, and Prisons Where WE THE CITIZENS whom “pay” the Taxes have no say in the LAWS…….., or what is to be done to “we the people” by our Fellow Citizens cause they are FREE MASON lodge Members…., and We Are NOT!!!! You best move past INVESTIGATIONS, and take out them that wish you “harm” before there are too few of you: too organize and fight back… The Book of EXODICE!!!


Everything from FLAT EARTH to MUD FLOODS don’t matter right now cause you are doing nothing but waiting for your EMPLOYED GOVERNMENTS To come kill you, and you are Too Blind to see this WORLD Damnation Project Protocol cause you are too Wrapped up in Rabbit Holes that mean nothing as long as these FREE MASON Own., and Run every fucking FREE MASON U.N. FLAG on this God Damn Earth!!!

The Sentinel….

Keep THEM “preoccupied” with TV Shows and Rabbit Holes and “the people” will NEVER organize in time to STOP These U.N. Troops from killing we all in any “U.N. FLAG” Country that are all FLAGS…, and we are all under OCCUPATION of Narcissist known as Incubus.., and Succubus IN OUR HUMAN FORMS!!!

The Commander~


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