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2020 07 07 Corona Virus, Covid 19, Ask A Psychic Pt 2b

Nana Baakan Agyiriwah
Published on 02 Aug 2020 / In How-to and Style

Greetings, Peace and blessings to you, your family and loved ones. My name is Nana Baakan and today I wish to share with you the I Ching Oracle reading I received on March 25, 2020 concerning the Coronavirus aka Covid-19.
As is my usual practice, that when there is something so confusing, so distorted, with so many varying opinions on what is going on, I resort to consulting the I Ching, (Yi Jing) for a better insight into what is really going on. I have trusted and continue to trust the wisdom of the Yi. It has a sobering effect on issues that may seem to be overwhelming to us and gives us guidance on how to stay centered and in the middle, avoiding extremes.
The questions I asked may appear even more cryptic than the Oracle itself at times, but, we must remember that there is science to asking the Yi Jing questions. You must first approach it with an open mind and willingness to allow it to give you guidance. Therefore I take great pains in making my questions as free of bias as possible. Otherwise the Oracle will respond to your bias and that can often be confusing.
I have been working and studying the Yi Jing for over 30 years now, I have seen it unfold in many situations as I have worked with hundreds of people along the way.
I also offer tutorial sessions and online workshops for those who may be interested.
Feel free to use these questions for your own exploration. And be sure to push that like button and subscribe to my channel.
Let me add this as well, if you are not given to divination, and have a problem with anyone who may be doing it, please just move along. You do not have to watch this video, nor do you need to stop by and leave a disparaging comment. Thank you so much for all those who take the time to watch this video, I hope you are able to gain some clarity about this current event. If you have other questions about this event feel free to send them to me. Thanks again..

This video is part 2b and will be followed by 3 other parts for the sake of brevity. Several of my students joined me in this video to ask further questions and discuss their perspectives. For the sake of privacy, their names and faces will be omitted.

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2020Vision 2 months ago

Sounds like rebirth and karma-the destructive force self-destructs

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