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2.23.20 - Roger Stone v Deep State, Comrade Bernie v MSM

Dustin Nemos
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Published on 24 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Unsanctioned Mystical “Magic”

As I woke form a Dream where I was being captured by Home Land FREE MASON Goons……..., this was the first time in “A Dream” I was the Source too be “hunted” and Taken out…….., and as I bowed my head in that Dream and “My hoody” covered my eyes……., the MAGICIANS of the world did some type of casting that wiped out [all the nonhuman} beings in the Military……., and removed “the reason” we are slaves to the TAXES and TITHES and Tributes we do not have to pay… Last night……, we allowed The Goddess to walk among us….., and as my companion was told she had the Bracelet of Wizardry Warlock Witches “power” infused deep into the metals and gems…., when it came time to release this MATERIAL {to any] she só choose..., or as her slave for one night., she would “concede to give to” the Flower Lady., and she did, it is good to know the Gods of Pak-Toe that makes “Two” aka Binary Biological “are now” the King and Queen of Angels and Demons and with that` an Empathic and a Healer “walk as one” among we the people…

What are the lessons “you have learned” now that you know you are in PURGATORY and that Magical Beings walk among we all be it the CIA to Odessa from any U.N. Troops to G4S, and what will it take you [my human] [{**}] to STOP killing and harming and hurting other Humans for you can no longer LABEL them Jew or Muslim, Catholic or Christian, Mormon or Jehovah Witness, Shea or Sunni, or the many Variations of {Doctrines to Denominations} / * \ now that THE BOOK OF NONMASON exist for all people in “all lands” to be read and studied and make we the Human Beings and our Celestial Beings one….?, and what if I told you the FREE MASON Cheat when they do magic for it is not from the “NATURAL ESTABLISHMENT” of our Mother Heaven and Father Flat Earth, but only achieved by a FUCKING Machine known as The EDISON of “Forced Technology” where Machines make Holographic Machine People whom Blink way too much!!!

This WAR was inevitable, and as you “young and old” in all GOVERNMENTS, All Religions, and all Military Powers FIGHT and RESIT the United Nations “International Mafia” of Satan aka that MACHINE, not even a real fucking Demon, or Devil, or Lucifer, we do well to Disable and Sabotage all WEAPONS OF DEATH be it Drones [to Wires] +=+ in the Metal Death Coffins known as Tanks, and Jets, and Black Hawks, and as we “all just say” no more war, no more harm, nor more This or That for GOVERNMENTS “that are” OUR EMPLOYEES and Our Slaves we will now HAVE A SAY In how OUR MONEY {is spent} [{*}] in the Military, The Religions, and The Government!!! That is correct Trump the Chump, Putin The Scootin, Winnie the Pooh Xi, and of course you The Pope on Dope we Magical Beings “can still access” this Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings, and we do not need to do any SACRIFICE to any god or gods cause we have our OWN G.O.D. now and that is GOVERNMENT OF DEMOCRACY, not Government Over Democracy…

The Oracle for the End of an Age and A TIME LINE has wrote and spoken “many things” since you FOOLS and your Illuminati WAR OF TERROR became “seen by all” as nothing more then Head Games on we the Human Populations, and it is rather simple to DEFEAT an A.I. Machine, you just Don’t Obey, You Just Won’t Comply, and we are “shall no longer” Submit to your MACHINE WAYS of this De-Ja-Vu Oraborus Curse of Blow up the World and REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT cause all programmers and Gamers know once you UNPLUG from the Lies, the Manipulations, the Deceit, and the Cruel, you are “no longer” in this MAN MADE MATRIX of up and down stocks and bonds, and WE “Humans can” feed and house and heal other humans for we will take care of the Poor and The Needy…., and we will be Armed to the Teeth….., and even though the one Chosen By The Source of All Creation and Destruction walks among you unarmed…..., we will protect him and her…

Johnny Exdice

A [///|||\\\] Ω


Enough with your FAKE Bat Snake “Corona” Beer COVID – 19 Death Virus U.N. FLAGS!!!


We all know there is no Virus, you just killing nonmason for World War Three and to FAKE THE BOOK OF REVELATION from the Bible…


If this was a Real Outbreak of some “unknown” DEMONIC DEATH, the illegitimate U.N. FLAGS would have “stopped” ALL TRAVEL – All Commerce….., and All WARS to save the human race cause when you BLOW PEOPLE UP it is “going to spread” into the Air......

The Commander~

[*] ///|||\\\ H^H (*) WW


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