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Published on 01 Sep 2018 / In Film and Animation

Amazing! From the Martina film vault of 8mm films.

The old man in the real log cabin was Simon Peter Fair, who came to Arizona in 1886 as a raw recruit, died Sept 12, 1960, at Whipple Veterans Administration Hospital in Prescott , AZ.

Fair, a native of Indiana, was born Oct. 9. 1864. He enlisted in the army at St. Louis March 17, 1886, and, after training at Columbus, Ohio. was sent to the Arizona frontier with Company B, Ninth Infantry.

Fair, who held a sergeant’s rating in 1888, took part in the Geronimo campaigns and served under Gen. Nelson A. Miles. His five years of army service, 1886 to 1891, were spent at Fort Whipple, Fort Apache, Fort Thomas, and Fort Defiance.

The old frontier soldier told friends that he saw Geronimo "close up" at Fort Defiance when the Apache chief was on route to captivity at Fort Sill, Okla. and Fort Pickens, Fla.

He remembered the good old days at the fort very well.
Pulling on his corncob pipe, he would recall interesting incidents such as the private pow-wows held almost every night by Indian scouts attached to the fort.
“We’d join in their dances sometimes,“ he would say, smiling with the memory.

Fair resided most of his adult life in Arizona and California. He lived in a cabin 10 miles southeast of Prescott from 1922 until last Jan. 27, 1960, when he was admitted to Whipple Hospital.

His adventures weren't all in the Old West days. In 1948 he was snowbound in his cabin and had to have food dropped to him by parachute.

His only know relatives are Mrs. Phyllis Meinel, a granddaughter, South Gate. Calif.; Clifton Fair, a grandson. who lives in Illinois; and Emery Fair, a nephew, Pontiac, Mich.

Fair’s wife and three children preceded him in death.

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