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131: El Paso Shooting, Bohemian Grove, Kelly / Alex Jones, and More w. InfoWars Producer Mike Hanson

The System is Down
Published on 08 Oct 2019 / In Film and Animation

The question of the day is…. Do you like hearing about conspiracies?… Because today, you’re gonna hear about all of them. ;)

Today’s episode is my conversation with Mike Hanson. Now, you may not recognize Mike by name, but if you’ve dabbled in the conspiracy rabbit hole for any length of time, you’ve likely encountered his work in one way or another.

Mike is a former producer and camera man for Alex Jones and InfoWars. He worked with Alex on the Waco incident, helped infiltrate Bohemian Grove, and filmed countless hours of content for InfoWars.

In this conversation Mike touches on everything from 9/11 to Bohemian Grove to the El Paso Walmart shooting to Waco to S**dy Hook and much much more.

Also, in the bonus interview, of course we talked more about Bill Hicks, the moon landing, InfoWars origins, flat earth, and beyond. To get that, just go to patron.com/thesystemisdown and join The Downers Club.

Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.

Let’s get weird!

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