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124: True Stories of a Troubled Foster Kid w. Chris Garcia (Pt. 1)

The System is Down
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Published on 19 Aug 2019 / In Film and Animation


The question of the day is... does your upbringing determine your future?If you've been listening to this show for any length of time, you've likely heard me talk about the camp for abused and neglected foster kids that I volunteer at every summer. Well, camp for 2019 wrapped up about a month ago and this year, I had the pleasure of getting to know and serve with one of our newest volunteers, Chris Gargia. At the time, I didn't know it, but Chris was actually a foster kid himself.
The day we got back from camp, Chris and I grabbed some drinks and chatted briefly about his story and I immediately decided it was one worth sharing with you guys and the rest of the world.
Chris' story is a heavy one with many ups and many more downs. It is a glimpse at an example of what these kids truly go thru in the system and ultimately (spoiler alert) a story of how one troubled child who spent his whole life burning bridges, can turn things around and right the trajectory of his life and likely the life of those around him. His story is long and worth it, so sit back, get uncomfortable, and enjoy the first half.All that and more on today's episode of The System is Down #124: True Stories of a Troubled Foster Kid w. Chris Garcia (Pt. 1)
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