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10-29-20 The APS Show Podcast By Anthony Stone UGETube Edition.mp4

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Published on 29 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

Alex Jones on Joe Rogan, a Recap of Tuesdays War Room with Owen Shroyer & Alex Jones Live from Wednesday plus Gab headlines

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MoralitySheriff17 24 days ago

hey bro, new to this platform since YT sucked the life out of any conservative news sources. AJ red pilled me 5 years ago and this is the first I've listened to him in some time. I do also follow Q closely, as well as the JFKJr thing. Here's a theory for you to look at. Here's my hypothesis on what will happen in the coming days. First, I think President Trump's scorched earth rally schedule is to sell this election as tainted and it will be impossible to validate the results. Violence is on the horizon no matter the outcome, it will not be accepted. that's the first puzzle piece. Secondly, President Trump's moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent and suspension of the payroll tax is the second piece. the 3rd piece is the new patent the post office received in February for a new blockchain voting system. Are you seeing it yet? the fourth piece is to enact legislation that was actually signed into law in the year 2000 and was to be enacted at 10am on 9/11/01. this is that big, and it is the centerpiece of this grand plan that's been in the works for at least 20 years. Sometime prior to November 3 election, I think POTUS will finally enact this law, NESARA, which sets us free from the debt slavery system we've lived under our whole lives. When he announces NESARA law being implemented, everyone in Congress is fired and he must also step aside, and new elections must be withheld within 120 days as stipulated in the law. It returns us to a Constitutional Republic, there for the President of the Corporation and the Board Members are out of a job, and a new election to replace them will be held within 120 days (late feb early March), allowing the left to put forth a real candidate. This law also will end all bank debt. Mortgages, Credit cards, car and student loans all satisfied and Income tax is history. All his actions from withdrawing troops to forging peace deals to appointing gold advocate to fed, absorbing fed into treasury and every other bullet point of NESA$RA fulfilled. The blockchain voting patent will allow a free and fair election to take place in the spring, one that will be transparent and incorruptible, and one that will accepted as fair and final. This will raise President Trump to beyond legend status and the whole world gets a fresh start. I thought this was all pie in the sky stuff, until I read that the title of the NESARA document given to lawmakers before their vote in the 90's was......."DRAINING THE SWAMP....."Enacting this one piece of legislation that is already law is the Trump card that cuts the heads off all the snakes in one fell swoop and sets humanity free. That's sounds like something my President would be into. It's all right in front of us and within the next few days, I fully believe our lives will change forever.

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