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06.17.2020 - John Michael Chambers Ft. Wilfred Reilly, PhD

Dustin Nemos
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Published on 17 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

When Considerations no longer find the Purpose…

WE have spent a life time being told who we are, what we are, and where we are, and then by the Miracle of The FLAT EARTH Factology….., we discovered we all live inside a Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings…..., but we also learn that we are in a “Holographic” SIMULATION Prison???, so where are our real bodies……..., and whom took us from our Home Worlds…….., and what placed us HUMANS in this place of PURGATORY……., and War after War after War for Other HUMANS whom live off of our taxes.?.?.? WE know now` these Flesh and Blood and Bones mens bodies of male and female contain Spirits, Souls, Symbiots, The PERSON, and these “Biological” thinking Black Goo called SOLIDS… However, why the Great Deception of our [World Leaders] /_\ and all these FREE MASON Lodge Members telling us lies about “Fake Space” and Fake DNA….., and Covering up The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854???

You may ponder with me as The Sentinel… Consider this., we are {being used} to Fight in a War on other Celestial Spheres..., and this one that we are born into is just A Training Ground.., and since EVERYTHING is also Hidden in Plain Sight like their Illuminati Saying of AS ABOVE…., SO BELOW.?.?, then we know FLAT EARTH has two sides, and we traverse this (Celestial Sphere) [{**}] to get from here to there inside This Celestial Sphere, and we also know what they present as Images of the SUN from NASA “turning in space” is a Camera on the Out Side of our Celestial Sphere in The VOID… However, we need {too focus} / * \ on why all WORLD LEADERS participate in the Lie of FAKE SPACE as these 192 U.N. FLAGS?????, and if WAR is all they “ever want” us to do as Humans, then why are we murdering [our own kind] [{*}] for any Military or Police.?.?.?

It is evident that 5G Eugenics was used to SEPARATE “we the people” +=+ into many Races where once we were all Blond Hair and Blue Eyes, and then these INVADERS started to {Separate our Genes} and make our Skin Tones Darker, our Eye Colors Browner, and then Renamed us AFRICANS, and others of our People got BLACK HAIR ONLY and almost WHITE SKIN called “Chinese” with Black Dark Pupils… Those whom did this to us ARE NOT GODS for they have caused DIVISION in humanity when “they also” used Linguistics, so we would no longer have a One World Language!!! Yet, there is only so much 5G (Cellular Eugenics) and 5G Genetic Manipulation “Vaccines” you can only do to these “Human Bodies” before all Green Eyed and Blue Eyed People are gone… And still, our Blood is Compatible no matter “how dark” or light OUR SKIN TONE… I am not White, and you are Not Black, we are Dark and Light Skins “of the” Same People!!!

Finally, we know our ENEMY is a Machine A.I. called “The EDISON” with an Insect Type QUEEN hive mind approach where everyone BOWS DOWN to the TV Screens of S.A.T.A.N. and L.U.C.I.F.E.R. their NEON GOD that we know is just more “Ink on Paper” Biblical Bull Crap cause we never were taught THE Big Words!!!! However, they are taking our Troops, and our Military Gear, and sending WE THE PEOPLE off to fight in “their wars” off planet like that COLONY TV SHOW where in Season 3 “THEY LIVE” will drop an Atom Bomb on “Seattle Washing” on Election Night in the USA aka 11-03-2020 too start the END of this VIDEO Game once more…. With all we have learned about MUD FLOODS, and These “Capital Domes” being Teleportation Magical {Sorcery Devices} of the old world as to how these (Esoteric) EVIL SPIRITS got into our world, minds, thoughts, and became [The Body Snatchers] of ALL our GOVERNMENTS!!!

Johnny Exodice


WE must not be afraid “too consider” this is not just one place, nor just one reality, but that in this multiverse of Celestial Spheres, we [the humans] have been taken over by (COVID19) Parasites in the ESOTERIC Realm while we “live out” our days in this Temporal {Temporary Corporeal} Material Realm…

The Sentinel


The Vaccines will put you back too sleep……., so THEY LIVE can use WE ARE for what ever PizzaGATE YOUNG TRANNY SEX “defilement” they so choose as FREE MASON Lodge Members!!!!!

The Southern Republic...


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