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045 Hosea 12:1-6 (Expository Study of Hosea) 2 of 2

Gregory Miller
Gregory Miller - 69 Views
Published on 23 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

CURRENT EVENTS UPDATE: We see obvious examples of Liberal operatives in the media, politics and even lefist-controlled businesses like Disney set to re-start the economy AFTER the November 3rd elections. And Liberal activists like Keven Warren, Commissioner of the Big Ten Athletics Conference (former NFL exec) using his power to turn college sports into the social justice trainwreck seen in professional sports.

In our study, we cover the first six verses of Hosea 12 looking at the apostates in Israel acting just like liberals and apostates in America who "look to the east" instead of looking to God for help and salvation. God refers to the man Jacob and laments how His special relationship with the man who became known as Israel has resulted in such wicked offspring who have turned against "the angel", who we see is none other than Jesus Christ in His pre-incarnate appears as the Angel of the Lord.


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