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الأقصى المبارك: خطبة وصلاة الجمعة 21 من فبراير 2020

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 26 Views
Published on 21 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

#محمد_القدوسى : خطبة وصلاة جمعة الفتح المبين من المسجد الأقصى، رزقنا الله وإياكم الصلاة فيه، فى الذكرى السنوية الأولى لفتح مصلى باب الرحمة.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Little Peices of Silver…

They said that for 30 little Tokens “Judas” Betrayed the Christ??? Now, even though there is só much more to the Holy Bible then just a Command and Control MECHANIZATION of the Masses……..., there are principles…….., and endeavors too be seen as well… For the world we live in is PURGATORY……., and só many {really hate that} / * \ for it means NO MATTER your Belief System…..., in the end….., you are RESPONSIBLE “for what” you have become….., and you will [pay a price] +=+ for all the Lies…, and Manipulations.., and Cruel Unprovoked Corruption that you have put “into this world” during your life walking in this Realm known as Our Celestial Sphere Flat “Dual” Earth where só much code was wrote into the Book of Knowledge., that none would have found their way home had “The Oracle” for the End of an Age Connected to the Source of All Creation and All Destruction “prevailed” to live on, and teach, and preach, and walk side by side and “hand in hand” with we all be we good or evil for GOOD and EVIL are only a Choice, and só you can not “blame others” for what you have done in this place of Many Religions, Many Governments, Many Militarizes, but “all ruled” under one known as The Devil and Satan and G.O.D. by way of LUCIFER!!!!!

When we look at the [Book of Job] we see this God “Conspiring” with Lucifer to harm a human, and place a burden onto a man to TEST him if we “will not see” through all the LIES and DECEPTIONS of Ink on Paper “made by these” FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns…. Too consider that A Demon and an Angel one called “The Devil” and One called “The God” said: Let us play with this “Moral” Human and Conspire and concede to kill “ALL” his children, and befall many woes and tortures “upon him” such as Boils, and Illness, and then even take away his Lively hood and Ability to work and play…., and for those whom can now see what was sewn into The Word Of GOD be it a TALMUD to a KORAN to the Hindu and Buddhist to Zoroaster Bibles to all the Secret Religions of INK ON PAPER, how does it {make you feel} [{**}] when you now know Space is Faked by Every Religious “Elder” in your Home Town and every GOVERNMENT Steals “your money” in Taxes to say Bow down to OUR LAWS that you “shall never” have no say in???

I have been “personally” to your American Prisons….., and I can tell you feeding Dog Food to the inmates when we have yet “to even be charged” with a Real Crime for an Accusation is that same fucking word called INDICTMENT!!! Moreover, since I am not “Proven Guilty” of any crime for I had “no say” in these U.S. FLAG Laws “made by” Freemason…..., and I am but a nonmason, why should I allow you to come Kidnap me from my home, or my car, or just walking down the street??? Yet, this is the way “of any” GOVERNMENT, and their RELIGIONS for they teach lies in all the Schools OF Thought from the day we are born {to the date} [{*}] we are to proceed to the Judgement Chambers of our true INFRACTIONS against life and liberty and self rule!!! In this, I find it very distasteful that “The Mayor” too The Judge to The C.O.P.S. that arrest me [all live off of] my WELFARE called Tribute……., as does that Town Preacher “live off” the WELFARE of every check and dollar “dropped into” dem dare` Collections Plates…….., and yet, we the people “have no say” in how “they” treat us as Citizens in and on “our” Lands???

Purgatory will be Purgatory and that I do not deny…., and a MACHINE Person with a Machine Mind “will never” Question anything..., let alone why “they” were born.., why they were raised in this or that {School of Thought} known as IDEOLOGY., or as the Ten Commandments warned, DO NOT WORSHIP IDOLS for “is it not” the Ideas of Monsters and Butchers and War Mongers saying God wants us to kill others cause Their God [is not the same] as the one in our INK ON PAPER 3D Books???? For many of you, you “will never” Question the RELIGIONS you were Raised under, not a PART OF…., but me and my people of “Pak-Toe” say this is Racka!!!!! For too "WORSHIP" is to Beg and why would any creation "being" whom said: I give thee life ever demand [you take a life] to prove your love to him or her??? You must get beyond “the old ways” before PURGATORY Implodes, and this place ceases to exist…., as we Celestial Beings will either “return home” because “we are” learned the lesson, and WE chose “to be” Good, or we will live in Torment forever and ever till we “learn the lesson” that MONEY is not the Root of all evil, but I AM when I will not “share” my Abundance with those in need… and in that, You Will Cry and Gnash your teeth!!!

Johnny Exodice

Shamaa Ca naana +=+ means "Be your Self" in spirit talk




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