NewsHawk Network
NewsHawk Network
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NewsHawk Network was formed in 2016 in response to the corporate media's "fake news" and propaganda favoring the establishment democrats and GOPe; deep state operatives and weaponized government agencies by moving this nation into tyranny via globalism.
This is an abomination and an affront to the American public specifically and the whole world generally, for what happens in America has global repercussions regardless of which party is in office. Honesty, integrity and true journalism died and in our opinion irreparably.
The LameStream media networks, cable news, print, newspaper, magazines and many internet platforms like FB, YT, Twitter have become corrupt and oppressive with tyrannical CENSORSHIP. A new media paradigm is underway to right these wrongs and restore accuracy, honesty and integrity to the new mainstream news and information media.
NHN was created to join in the media revolution to replace the failed institutions with new independent, objective and honest reporting.