Don Larson
Don Larson
United States


Don J. Larson
Marion, MS / Townsend, MS

Who am I ???
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Conservative, Christian, Outdoorsman, Gun Owner, Firearms Advocate, Hunter, Fisherman, Competitive Shooter, Aviator, Bushcrafter, Tinkerer, Patriot, Minister, Cook, Pundit, Philosopher, Sinner, Friend.
Paramedic by education, Trucker by trade, adventurer by nature.
I will honor and keep my oath to protect my fellow Americans from harm and defend my Country and Constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC... so help me God.
Unapologetically pro-American, as in America First, supporter of our duly elected President Donald Trump.
Enemy of all socialists and communists who seek to undermine our Nation.
Founder/Promoter of "The Blue Light Initiative. A simple idea to show support to out Law Enforcement by replacing a porch light with a Blue Bulb, and letting it shine at night.
Founder/Promoter of MS Veterans Village, a project to provide safe and free housing to Homeless Veterans.
#KAG #MAGA #TRUMP2020 #msveteransvillage