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Ephesians 5:13

Isaiah 9:6 Trinity In Old Testament

Prayer of Wholehearted Devotion to God

Psalm 91

Bible Verses: Have Faith and Do Not Worry

Bible Verses: God’s Generosity for Us

I Call Upon The Name Of The Lord

My Prepared Confession and Confirmation of the New Covenant

John 17: The Prayer of Jesus

4th of July 2016: One Nation Under God

Daily Spiritual Warfare Prayer

The Anthem of Victory

You Have No Spine?

The United States Of America Has Defaulted On Its Promises

12,22,2016 HBPD Corruption Throws Report In Trash

The Pledge of Allegiance

The Lord's Prayer

EEOC- Los Angeles

EEOC Complaint Against Huntington Beach Union High School District

Rat Enigma

"Rat Enigma Scavenger Hunt": A decimal is the road’s end and its beginning
(1) A double digit denoting a historic road
(2) A man in a mirror who made a mock mystery
(3) A name hidden in a musical poem
(4) A mocha mermaid with no tail
(5) A left hand that uses a right hand
(6) A red sparrow or fish turned upside down
(7) A “q” and a “tea” under a lone corn with no mouth
(8) A woman with a key inside of chains
(9) A second solution to one of the above
(10) A star wars character with coffee located at fictional fraction
Rules: For each of the 10 items above take a screenshot and write the item number followed by a sentence explaining why the screenshot is the solution to that item on the scavenger hunt list. First person to email a correct set of screenshots and explanations of all 10 items to the game-master with "Rat Enigma Scavenger Hunt" in the subject line of the email wins the scavenger hunt and the prize designated by the game-master. Each person must work alone and only use the website links provided in this video and the videos it links to.

Star Wars Quiz

Is It Bottled At The Source?


Irvine Apartment CA 92602

May the Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you Satan!

ANHS Graduation Pledge of Allegiance

Graduating Nurses Spreading Wings

Life, Limb, Liberty, And The Pursuit Happiness

Jack and Grandeur

Birthday Sam Woo

Siren Birthday Song

Tanaka Farm

August Wedding


Movie Time

Most Valuable Person Award

Coffee Friends

Circus Trix

Too Late


Mad Genius


Bible Verses: God’s Generosity for Us

Bible Verses: Have Faith and Do Not Worry

Ephesians 5:13