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BuildTheWallTV’s mission is to crowdfund immediate construction of a border wall as a gesture symbolic of the American peoples resolve regarding border security. You will witness drugs pouring over the border, human trafficking, and meet the people on the ground.

The American people elected President Donald Trump and mandated border security. Now, President Trump has stated if Congress does not approve border funding by Sept 28, 2018, there will be a Government shutdown.

During September, will publish video evidence of border chaos and crimes that will shock the American people. We will convince Congress of the necessity of the border wall funding and hold them accountable.

Please visit and make a contribution. This is your way of saying, “I support President Trump and I support the border wall!”

WE THE PEOPLE elected Trump to build the wall, now we must put our money where our vote is.

Please contribute. Each level of contribution will receive a higher level of commemorative gift.

God bless America and God bless all who risk their safety in the name of Liberty and Freedom!